How to Get the Tardigrade Monster Spacesuit in Starfield

Look ma, I'm a cryptid!

There are quite a few costumes in the game. But none of them hold a candle to the tardigrade monster spacesuit, which has you cosplaying everyone’s favorite microscopic water bear. So, let’s get into it. Here’s how to get the Tardigrade Monster Spacesuit for yourself in Starfield.

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Starfield: How to Get the Tardigrade Outfit

First things first. If you want to look like a giant monster bug, you’ll need to head to Titan, in the Sol System. By examining the planet, you’ll see a point of interest is already marked for you. That’s New Homestead, and that’s the location of the quest that will let us get the best spacesuit in the game.

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But to get the Tardigrade Monster Spacesuit, we’ll need to start a quest. Here’s how to get it.

Getting the Quest for the Tardigrade Outfit in Starfield

Head inside New Homestead, then head straight. You’ll find a set of stairs that will bring you to the lower New Homestead, which means a loading screen.

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Once you’re on the bottom floor of New Homestead, you should see Chunks to your right and another lower floor which is a museum. You’ll see Dr. Giuliana Lakota speaking to the tourist guide, Bill Starsap.

Dr. Giuliana Lakota is our quest giver. You can speak to her there, or you can find her at the clinic. To get to the clinic, turn immediately left upon entering the museum area. This will put you in facilities. The clinic will then be to the left of the stairs you’ll descend.

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Speak to Dr. Giuliana Lakota and tell her she seems like she hates tourists. She’ll agree that she does. Then, tell her you wish there was a way you could help.

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Turns out there is! She wants to start rumors about a monster on Titan, which will hopefully lower the amount of tourists that come to New Homestead. Personally, I can only see this plan backfiring. Have you seen the Mothman Festival?

But agree to do it, and she’ll hand you the Tardigrade Monster Costume. This will also start the quest Tourists Go Home.

Keeping the Monster Costume in Starfield

So, let me be honest. The Monster Costume sucks. It has 50 defense resistance, no resistance to the elements, and it’s pretty heavy on top of all that. But it is hilarious.

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Dr. Giuliana Lakota will want you to scare a few tourists just outside of the New Homestead outpost. And despite its shoddy resistances, it will do just fine on the surface of Titan. Which is actually where you need to go if you want to complete this quest. But if you want to keep the Monster Costume, don’t finish it.

The moment you do, she’ll take the Monster Costume off you and give you 3,000 Credits in exchange. She’ll tell you to come back later to scare tourists, but I’ve yet to find a way to trigger these quests. So err on the safe side and leave this one permanently undone.

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