Starfield: Special Sauce Quest Walkthrough

This isn't The Colonel's secret recipe, mind you!

Starfield Luthor at New Homestead Chunks
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Everywhere you fly, you will see those juicy, thick bricks of mashed-up foodstuffs; is it even food, though? Here is how to complete Special Sauce in Starfield.

How to Start Special Sauce

To start Special Sauce in New Homestead, enter the settlement and head downstairs to access the living area of the township proper. Once inside, look to your immediate right; you will see a local Chunks Shop, where you can buy food items that provide minuscule healing. There, speak with Luthor, the young man behind the cash register, to hear about and solve his current woes.

How to Complete Special Sauce in Starfield

To complete Special Sauce in Starfield, you must speak with Luthor, help him track down the Chunks Special Sauce, held hostage at another branch of the chain fast-food restaurant, and return it to Luthor. It’ll help satisfy the ever-growing cravings of the locals at New Homestead.

Special Sauce Quest Objectives
Speak to Luthor
Get the Chunks Special Sauce
Return to Luthor

Once you’ve spoken to Luthor and heard about the bland food they’re serving, which would benefit from the Chunks Special Sauce, you’ll have to track down a case for him. Thankfully, he did all of the legwork for you. He found other stores across the Settled Systems that had spare containers of the Special Sauce, but none of them could afford to ship it to New Homestead. You’ll act as a courier once more!

Starfield New Atlantis Chunks Store
Screenshot by Prima Games

Where you get the special sauce, however, varies. For some, it’s in Neon. For me, it was the local Chunks Shop at New Atlantis. It varies, but no matter the location, it’s as simple as walking to the store, speaking with the vendor, and requesting the sauce. They’ll claim they thought the whole situation was nothing more than a gag but will kindly hand over the product all the same.

Once you have the Special Sauce, return to Luthor. You’ll make his and his customers’ day.

Special Sauce Quest Rewards

For completing Special Sauce, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 75 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)
  • Chunks Beef – Packaged

Here, is there anything better than Chunks Beef? It keeps this space explorer going in the deep reaches of Ixyll and beyond.

With this side quest under your belt, why not tackle Proper Tea Theft next? It’s a lot of fun and has the best pun in the game right in its name.

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