Starfield: Proper Tea Theft Quest Walkthrough

An insider secret that'll shake up the tea game!

Starfield Kumar Sharma
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To those with a deep love of caffeine and hot drinks, there’s nothing quite like a cup of coffee or a mug of tea, which is why Kumar is willing to commit corporate espionage for his cafe. Here is how to complete Proper Tea Theft in Starfield!

How to Start Proper Tea Theft in Starfield

To start Proper Tea Theft in Paradiso, you’ll want to head inside the main resort lobby, then take a left to the nearby cafe. You’ll find Kumar Sharma working behind the counter, and he’s got something on his mind. The young man wants the business to succeed, and he believes he deserves a promotion, so he asks for your help in securing the Transquilitea Secret Recipe from the rep on the top floor of the hotel.

How to Complete Proper Tea Theft in Starfield

To complete Proper Tea Theft in Starfield, you must figure out how to help Kumar acquire the secret recipe from the Tranquilitea employee staying in the hotel. You have a few options here; you could persuade her to hand it over or pay for it outright. It’s expensive, though!

Proper Tea Theft Quest Objectives
Speak to Kumar Sharma
Obtain the Transquilitea Secret Recipe
Return to Kumar

Once you’re done speaking with Kumar, immediately take the elevator at the back of the lobby. You want the Rooftop Terrace, with another bar, pool, and seating area. Here, you will find Rowan Masterson.

Starfield Rowan Masterson
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Once you track her down, prepare yourself. She’s not too thrilled that you’re interrupting her vacation.

In any case, you can persuade her and pass a check to obtain the secret recipe or hand over 4,000 credits for it. It’s up to you which path you choose.

I decided to persuade her as my character had maxed out persuasion skills. I then returned to Kumar and persuaded him to pay me more for the job.

Proper Tea Theft Quest Rewards

For completing Proper Tea Theft, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 50 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

As I mentioned, you can persuade Kumar to pay more than he intended if you pass the check.

Once you’re done with Proper Tea Theft, there’s more to tackle on Paradiso. Otherwise, hop in your shop and head to New Homestead for the side quests!

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