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All Molduga Locations in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

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Due to Molduga spending most of its time under the sand, it can be hard to spot from higher locations, and you’ll need a general idea of where to go if you want to fight one. Here’s all Molduga locations in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Where to Find Molduga in Tears of the Kingdom

Given its sand-dwelling nature, Molduga can only be found in the Gerudo Desert in Hyrule. The large expanse of land paired with the few areas for Link to duck and take cover mean there are ample opportunities for a Molduga to strike when you’re least expecting it, but we’ve pinpointed exactly where to head (or, where to avoid) if you are on the search.

Across the Gerudo Desert, you’ll be able to find and fight four Molduga. We’ve marked their general locations on the map below, but since this boss travels pretty quickly, they could be in the general area rather than exactly where we’ve placed our pins. That said, we’ve got a handful of coordinates to help guide you if you’re really struggling with where to look.

TOTK Gerudo Desert map of all Molduga locations.
Image: Prima Games

South of the Siwakama Shrine

The first Molduga can be found toward the south of the Siwakama shrine (-2438, -3357, 0040). In fact, if you stand on the edge of the cliff you’ll be able to see it tunneling about and possibly jumping out of the sand. It’s one of the easiest Moldugas to find straight off the bat, especially given how close it is to mainland Hyrule, so you should be in for an easy-ish boss battle given you know what you’re doing.

TOTK Gerudo Desert map of a Molduga location.
Image: Prima Games

Northeast of the Southern Oasis

The second Molduga takes you to the west of the first, in the general direction of the Southern Oasis Training Area and the Karahatag Shrine (-3726, -3625, 0043). It took us a little while to spot this Molduga, but it can usually be found milling about in the clearing toward the right of the shrine, beyond the training area. Generally, when you struggle to find the arena for a Molduga battle, look for a circular area of solid ground, usually made up of a couple of rocks or boulders distanced from one another. In the middle of this, you should spot the Molduga rummaging under the sand.

TOTK Gerudo Desert map of a Molduga location.
Image: Prima Games

West of Gerudo Town

As for the third Molduga, you’ll want to fast travel back to Gerudo Town and travel directly west (-4742, -2874, 0027). You’ll spot a little plume of smoke in the distance from a fire, which is exactly where you want to head. It’s just above the Mirotanog Shrine, and you won’t be able to miss it once you’re there. A Gerudo will be cowering in fear on top of a rock, which is a pretty obvious sign you’re in the right place. The Molduga will be visible in the center of the ring, ready to fight the second your feet touch the ground.

TOTK Gerudo Desert map of a Molduga location.
Image: Prima Games

Southwest of North Gerudo Ruins

For the final Molduga, I found it easier to fast travel to Gerudo Town again and head north toward the North Gerudo Ruins (-4015, -2699, 0043). This Molduga is in a significant clearing before you reach the ruins, so you should be able to spot it from above if you’re gliding from Gerudo Town. There are a few ruins to jump between when fighting the Molduga, but also a few Electric Chuchu lurking beneath the sand which will jump up when you’re close, so as long as you’re prepared to battle you shouldn’t struggle too hard.

TOTK Gerudo Desert map of a Molduga location.
Image: Prima Games

How to Beat Molduga

Beating a Molduga may be difficult at first, but it isn’t too intimidating once you know what you’re doing. The Molduga won’t take damage while it’s swimming under the sand, so you’ll need to lure it out first. To do this, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of arrows on hand as well as some items to fuse to them, such as Bomb Flowers and Fire Fruits.

To beat Molduga:

  • Shoot an arrow to attract it closer, or throw food as bait.
  • Once it’s closer to the surface, shoot it with Bomb Flower arrows.
  • Try to shoot some arrows at it while it’s jumping into the air.
  • Rush the Molduga while it’s stunned on the ground.
  • Focus on attacking it’s eyes.
  • Retreat once it starts burrowing into the sand.
  • Climb back up to solid ground, and repeat.

It’s a rather simple process, and as long as you’re retreating at the right times, the Molduga should go down without putting up too much of a fight. Remember that you can use items like Mighty meals and Mighty Elixirs to enhance your attack and end the fight faster.

Molduga Item Drops

Once you beat a Molduga, there’s a chance it’ll drop a random assortment of the following items:

ItemEffectsArmor UpgradesSell Price
Molduga JawFuse Attack Power: +32
+Blunt Edge
Radiant Mask
Radiant Tights
Radiant Shirt
30 Rupees
Molduga FinFuse Attack Power: +12
+Long Throw
Sand Boots30 Rupees
Molduga GutsFuse Attack Power: +1Sand Boots
Ancient Hero’s Aspect
Royal Guard Cap
Royal Guard Uniform
Royal Guard Boots
110 Rupees

That’s all for Molduga in TOTK. If you’re looking for a gateway into monster part farming for more of Tears of the Kingdom’s fierce enemies, we’ve got a guide on how to beat Lynels, alongside the best weapons to use when fighting Gleeoks in case you needed an extra leg up.

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