How to Beat Molduga in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

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Each large enemy you face in Tears of the Kingdom comes with a level of difficulty, but you can’t rush in with the same tactics of battle each time you come up against something new. Unfortunately, the technique to fighting a Hinox won’t be the same as coming up against a Gleeok for example, and the same can be said for the Desert-dwelling beast that is Molduga. I’ll admit, I struggled when I tried to defeat one of these for the first time as it’s not exactly an easy process, but once you know how to approach it, it’s not too intimidating. Here’s how to beat Molduga in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Best Ways to Beat Molduga in Tears of the Kingdom

Before even thinking about going into the Gerudo Desert to track down Molduga, you’ll want to be well-equipped with plenty of arrows. Although it is completely possible to face off with this sand-dwelling creature, having arrows to hand makes the process a lot easier and you’re less likely to risk your own health rushing in and relying on melee attacks. But, in addition to arrows, you’re going to want some strong fuseable materials like Bomb Flowers and Fire Fruits to do some extra damage.

Defeating Molduga relies on you being able to pull it from under the sand since you won’t be able to cause any damage to it while it’s burrowing though, which is why Bomb Flowers become your best friend. I found shooting an arrow to attract the Molduga to a closer area and then going in with Bomb Flower arrows once it’s close to the surface. Doing this will pull Molduga from under the sand and send it into the air, giving you a little more time to use a couple more arrows while it’s in the air, before getting ready to rush in once it hits the ground.

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When Molduga comes crashing down, it’ll be stunned for a short amount of time, making it the perfect time to rush in and land some melee attacks. As is the way with most enemies in Tears of the Kingdom, its weak points are the eyes, so you’ll want to get toward the head of the beast as quickly as possible and land some hits with a strong weapon. Of course, it’s a little daunting to get up and close to a Molduga, but it’ll burrow under the sand again when it’s ready to attack which gives you a little more time to retreat to solid ground.

However, you’ll need to be ready to run the second you’re comfortable with how much damage you’ve done since Molduga will come charging at you if you’re still on the sand once it’s recovered. Fortunately, all Molduga arenas in the Gerudo Desert have a few areas of solid ground, be it a pillar, a rock, or a cliff, so there are places for you to retreat to in order to repeat the process of Bomb Flower to shoot it into the air again. Given you’ve got some attack-enhancing meals, you should only have to repeat this technique a handful of times before you can come out on top and gather your rewards.

Unlike other enemies though, a Molduga will not drop weapons when defeated, so you might want to research how to defeat a Lynel in Tears of the Kingdom instead, but you’ll also need to master certain battle techniques before dashing into battle again. If you want a slightly easier challenge, we also have a guide on how to defeat Stalnox which might offer up some weapons alongside some monster parts once defeated.

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