All Hunter Rune Locations in WoW: Season of Discovery

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Hunter Runes Listed WoW SoD
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Each class in the World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery has 12 different runes to collect that change gameplay in refreshing ways. To start using the new content, you need to find each one around the open world, and I have all the locations in this guide.

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WoW SoD: All Hunter Rune Locations Listed

On top of there being 12 runes to collect, each one has entirely different requirements before you can obtain it. Even the race of your character will determine how you can collect some of these runes, so there isn’t a singular location in many cases. However, the locations are guaranteed, and I have them all listed below.

Chimera Shot Rune

  • Night Elf – Complete “A Hunter’s Strength” in Tedrassil.
  • Tauren – Complete “A Hunter’s Strength” in Mulgore.
  • Troll – Complete “Rugged Terrain” in Durotar.
  • Orc – Complete “Hunt for the Rune” in Durotar.
  • Dwarf – Complete “Trek Through the Caves” in Dun Morogh.

Serpent Spread Rune

  • Alliance – Purchase from the Azeroth Commerce Authority in major Eastern Kingdoms cities.
  • Horde – Purchase from the Durotar Supply and Logistics in major Kalimdor cities.

Master Marksman Rune

  • Dwarf – Shoot the Rustling Bush with Hunter’s Mark and kill the enemy at Dun Morogh (29, 49).
  • Orc and Troll – Shoot the Rustling Bush with Hunter’s Mark and kill the enemy near Razor Hill (38, 54).
  • Tauren – Shoot the Rustling Bush with Hunter’s Mark and kill the enemy in Mulgore (59, 54).
  • Night Elf – Shoot the Rustling Bush with Hunter’s Mark and kill the enemy in Teldrassil (46, 46).

Aspect of the Lion Rune

  • Universal – Kill Carrodin the owl in the Wetlands cave at 42, 62.

Kill Command Rune

  • Universal – Obtain a Gnarled Wand of Wild Magic in the Ashenvale.
  • Defeat Mutanus the Devourer in the Wailing Caverns
  • Speak to Jixo Madrocket at Stonetalon Mountain

Lone Wolf Rune

  • Universal – Complete a quest for Grizzby who is at an inn within the Barrens

Cobra Strikes Rune

  • Universal – Catch the turtle in the lake southeast of the Tarren Mill in the Hillsbrad Foothills. Freshwater Snapper Bait from Zixil is needed.

Flanking Strikes Rune

  • Night Elf – Kill Mowgh in Teldrassil (48, 31) and summon with Bird Meat.
  • Dwarf – Kill Jorul in Dun Morogh (40, 43) and summon with Pig Meat.
  • Orc and Troll – Kill Raluk in Durotar (69, 71) and summon with Pig Meat.
  • Tauren – Kill Mokwa in Mulgore (36, 57) and summon with Bird Meat.

Sniper Training Rune

  • Horde – Head to Ratchet and purchase a harpoon from Klixx. Kill Bruuz the shark in the bay to get the rune.
  • Alliance General – Can drop from a Defias Scout (52, 52)
  • Night Elf – Get the Gnarled Harpoon at the Darkshore (40, 32). Kill Paxnozz at 50, 14 coordinates.
  • Dwarf – Kill Crocolisk Kackle in Loch Modan (52, 53)

Explosive Shot Rune

  • Orc and Troll – Kill Sarkoth in Durotar
  • Dwarf – Kill Egan the Howler in Dun Morogh

Beast Mastery Rune

  • Alliance – Head to Darkshore and get crab treats from Furbolg enemies. Take the treats to the Young Reef Crawler at (40, 31).
  • Alliance – Go to Loch Modan and search the cabinets in the building at 83, 65.
  • Horde – Head to the Silverpine Forest and continue to kill Ferocious Grizzled Bears. Eventually, the Grizzled Protector will appear with the rune.

Carve Rune

  • Tauren – Tame a Prairie Dog with Prairie Dog Musk. Take it to Takoda Sunmane in Bloodhoof Village.
  • Orc and Troll – Tame an Adder with Adder Musk. Take it to the Snake Charmer in Razor Hill.
  • Night Elf – Tame a Deer with Deer Musk. Bring it to Darnassus near the Hunter Trainer.
  • Dwarf – Tame a Rabbit with Rabbit Musk. Bring it to Toby at Amberstill Ranch.

These will all take you some time to earn, so it doesn’t hurt to pace yourself with the grind and get the runes as you get closer to level 25. But if you really want to complete a build, then you have all the locations you need.

Once you reach level 25, make sure you have some Silver saved up for a respec on your character if needed in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery.

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