WoW SoD: All Respec Costs in Classic: Season of Discovery

A silver for your skills

Respec World of Warcraft SoD
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With so many new runes to try in the World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery, it’s only a matter of time before you need to spend some coins on a respec. We’ll cover the WoW respec cost in Classic: Season of Discovery.

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What is the Respec Cost in WoW SoD?

To Respec your skills, you need to spend 10 Silver at your class trainer. That 10 Silver is only the initial cost of the reset on your skills, and if you already play World of Warcraft Classic, then you know the price will continue to increase. Each additional Respec in a short period will cost you 10 more Silver. So two of these resets will set you back 20 Silver.

All WoW SoD Respec Costs Listed:

  • First respec – 10 Silver.
  • Second – 20 Silver.
  • Third – 30 Silver.
  • Fourth – 40 Silver.
  • Maximum Cost – 1 Gold.

Although each respec will cost an additional 10 Silver, there is a cap to how high the price can really go. Once you hit the cap, the cost will become 1 Gold for each time you want to rest your skills at a class trainer. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you are stuck with the price forever on that character, even if it’s still a while.

Typically, you have to wait around one month of real-time for the price to start reducing on your respecs in WoW Classic. Considering the Season of Discovery is still fresh, we don’t know for sure what the dropoff will be, but it’s likely 10 Silver at a time. The equivalent in classic is 5 Gold per reset, and the cost goes down the same amount, so we can assume the prices will remain similar.

Is There a Way to Get a Free Respec?

As of now, there is no way to get a free respec. Blizzard recently lowered respec costs in the latest SoD update, at least. There might be a chance for ways to get free respecs in the future, though there’s no hard evidence supporting that.

Will Dual Talent Specialization Come to Season of Discovery?

In World of Warcraft, dual talent specialization lets you create two talent specs on a single character. This ability is learned at level 30 in regular World of Warcraft from a class trainer. As of now, dual talent specialization does not exist in Season of Discovery. Keep an eye out for future updates from Blizzard.

With some resources left over, make sure you visit the Supply Officers in WoW as well.

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