All Daily Rewards During Scorching BBQ Event In Dead by Daylight – Listed

Get ready for some blazing hot rewards!

No matter what kind of games you love to play, getting rewarded for just signing in is always a great thing. In Dead by Daylight, you’ll need to gather up a variety of different resources to either complete Tomes or level up your character, and the developers at Behaviour are looking to help you out on your journey to complete the most recent Tome available. Get ready to jump into some summer fun with these excellent rewards.

All Daily Login Rewards In Dead by Daylight’s BBQ Event

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It looks like gamers hoping to Prestige their favorite character will have a better chance to do so now than ever. Starting on August 3 and running until August 17, players logging into their favorite multiplayer game will receive free Bloodpoints and Rift Fragments that they can use to push their current Battle Pass level to the next stage. Here are all of the rewards currently listed:

  • August 3 – x25k Bloodpoints.
  • August 4 – x25k Bloodpoints.
  • August 5 – x10 Rift Shards.
  • August 6 – x25k Bloodpoints.
  • August 7 – x50k Bloodpoints.
  • August 8 – x25k Bloodpoints.
  • August 9 – x50k Bloodpoints.
  • August 10 – x25k Bloodpoints.
  • August 11 – x25k Bloodpoints.
  • August 12 – x10 Rift Shards.
  • August 13 – x25k Bloodpoints.
  • August 14 – x50k Bloodpoints.
  • August 15 – x25k Bloodpoints.
  • August 16 – x50k Bloodpoints.
  • August 17 – x25k Bloodpoints.

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So, overall, players will be able to redeem 400,000 Bloodpoints and 20 Rift Shards. Pair this up with your free Amazon Prime rewards for August, and you’re almost at full Prestige for your favorite character. This is especially helpful if you’re hoping to finally unlock the final bloody cosmetic for your main.

No matter what kind of player you are, we’ve got something that’ll help you out in our Dead by Daylight section below. If this is your first time stepping into the role of Survivor, be sure to check out who is going to be your quietest option available so you can make it through a round without getting spotted, or find out which Killer cosmetics made our list of the best available in the game so far. We’ve got content galore, so get ready for your next Trail with us by your side.

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