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How To Get Bloody Cosmetics In Dead by Daylight

Should you grind for these cosmetics, or leave them behind?

While loading into Survivor queues, you may notice that some players are just absolutely smattered in blood, showcasing their true skills. However, on the opposite end of the field, you may see a horrifying creature of the night, covered in the blood of their previous victims. While macabre, it’s also an incredibly sick look, and you may be wondering what you need to do to get your hands on a set of this for your own. Here’s how to get Bloody Cosmetics in Dead by Daylight.

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How To Get Bloodied Clothing In Dead by Daylight

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If you’re hoping to jump into the Fog with a gory version of your favorite Killer or Survivor, you’re going to need to start working on their Prestige rank. Since it does cost a fair number of Bloodpoints to finally make this happen, you’ll need to start grinding. Thanks to events that happen in the game, Bloodpoints do become easier to farm for after a while.

Once you reach Prestige 4, you’ll unlock your first Bloody Cosmetic for your character, which will either be their Head, Torso, or Legs for Survivor or Head, Torso, or Weapon for the Killer. These cosmetics are interchangeable with other items unless they are part of a specific set like the Greek Legends pack.

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Since you can only bank two million Bloodpoints at a time, you’re going to need to go through and spend these on the character that you’re hoping to continue maining for the foreseeable future. To fully hit this point, you’ll need to spend anywhere from six million up to possibly 10 million Bloodpoints depending on what items you are claiming from the Bloodweb.

Are The Bloody Cosmetics Worth Grinding For In Dead by Daylight?

If you’re planning on running a particular character, these can absolutely be worth your time. Not only do their darker tones make you harder to spot on the map, but Survivors can also use their blood-soaked attire to blend in with different parts of the environment easier, so you can hopefully be saved by your teammates if you can distract the Killer.

On the Killer side of things, using your bloody cosmetics can show players that you mean business, all while keeping you out of the main line of sight a bit easier. No matter which Killer you choose, roaming the Fog during Trails looks incredibly intimidating, and shows players that you know your character.

No matter if you’re a veteran, or just someone looking to find out what all the different Status effects mean in Dead by Daylight, we’ve got you covered. Check out our DBD section below to get your hands on plenty of content about this terrifying multiplayer game.

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