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All Cooking Pot Recipes in Raft – Full List

Start your own cooking TV show in Raft right now with this simple cookbook!

by Nikola L

Raft is one of those open-world games where you can do a lot of crafting and have all sorts of fun alone or with your friends.
Cooking is one of those activities and naturally, your in-game character needs to be well fed. This is why Prima Games is delivering all Cooking Pot recipes in Raft in the form of a list that you can easily bookmark and save for later as your own cookbook, because who’s gonna bother remembering all of those recipes?

Complete Cooking Pot Recipe List in Raft

Below you will find an alphabetically sorted table of all Cooking Pot recipes:

BBQ (Barbeque)1x Raw Meat, 1x Raw Mackerel, 1x Raw Drumstick, and 1x Cave Mushroom
Catfish Deluxe1x Raw Potato or 1x Raw Beet, 1x Raw Catfish, 1x Cave Mushroom, and 1x Chili
Coconut Chicken2x Raw Drumstick, 1x Coconut, and 1x Cave Mushroom
Head Broth1x Raw Potato or 1x Raw Beet, 2x Poison-Puffer Head, and 1x Bucket of Milk
Hearty Stew1x Raw Potato, 1x Cave Mushroom, 1x Raw Meat, and 1x Juniper
Mushroom Omelette1x Raw Potato, 2x Egg, and 1x Cave Mushroom
Salmon Salad2x Pineapple or 2x Mango (OR one of each), 1x Raw Salmon, and 1x Silver Algae
Shark Dinner2x Raw Shark Meat, 1x Cave Mushroom, and 1x Silver Algae
Simple Fish Stew2x Raw Potato or 2x Raw Beet (or 1 of each), and 2x Raw Herring or 2x Raw Pomfret (or 1 of each)
Steak With Jam1x Raw Potato or 1x Raw Beet, 1x Raw Meat, and 2x Red Berries
Sushi2x Raw Mackerel or 2x Tilapia (or 1 of each), 1x Egg, 1x Silver Algae
Vegetable Soup4x Raw Potato or 4x Raw Beet (or any combination of these as long as you add 4 pieces total)

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