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Two Worlds Collide: Pokemon GO and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Are Crossing Over

An exciting new mechanic is coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

by Daphne Fama

Trainers may have noticed as they’ve been spinning Pokestops in Pokemon GO that there’s a new Pokémon wandering the streets! This little ghost, aptly called Gimmighoul, carries a coin on his back and is attracted to trainers who have picked up a mysterious coin.

What we know about this new Pokémon is limited, but he seems to have two forms: Roaming and Chest. While he’s relatively harmless in his Roaming Form, trainers beware of his Chest Form, as Gimmighouls are able to manipulate trainers into helping them add to their treasure hoard. Supposedly, once Gimmighoul reaches 999 coins, something will happen!

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Pokémon GO isn’t the only place where Gimmighoul has been spotted. They’ve also been seen wandering around the Palea Region, but scuttle off before anyone can get near. The only way to get close to these coin-hoarding spirits in Pokémon Violet and Scarlet is to find their Chest form, which is immobile.

But it seems like trainers might be able to get their hands on both forms utilizing a brand-new mechanic!

A collaboration between Paldea’s homeroom teacher Jacq and Pokémon GO’s Professor Willow will now allow Pokémon GO and Pokémon Violet and Scarlet to link to each other! While the finer details have not been revealed, it’s an exciting new collaboration and a great way to bring Pokémon into the real world.

With less than two weeks to Pokémon Violet and Scarlet’s release, now might be a good time to start (or return) to your Pokémon GO account. Prima Games have you covered on all the latest Pokémon GO news, guides, and questions you might have. Check out some of these great articles: