Is Shiny Litwick in Pokemon Go? – Answered

Don't miss your chance to shine with Litwick!

Litwick had its Community Day on October 15, and for a short, three hour window, this rare Pokemon had an increased chance to spawn. It was also a fantastic chance to try and find the little candle Pokemon in its shiny form, as Community Day also increases the chance for Pokemon to spawn as shiny.

Shiny Litwick in Pokemon Go

Community Day has come and gone, but if you weren’t able to find a shiny Litwick, don’t despair. This adorable ghost type Pokemon is still spawning regularly. Though finding a shiny version of it now might be more difficult than it was during Community Day, it’s still possible.

But if Lady Luck isn’t on your side, you can always wait until December’s Community Day. If tradition holds, then all Pokémon that had Community Days this year will be spawning with a boosted shiny chance at some point during that event. So, this coming December, you should be able to find not just shiny Litwicks but Deinos, Dratinis, and Mudkips, too, making it a great opportunity to get those candies for your incandescent and beautiful spectral Chandelure. And while Chandelure might not be breaking into the meta anytime soon for the Go Battle League, it’s still a fantastic Pokemon, with one of the best shiny forms in Generation V, making it well worth the effort and patience you put towards finding him.

Good luck on the hunt! May the odds be ever in your favor.

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