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Tekken 8 Reveal Possibly Leads to a Release Date

Save the date for Tekken 8

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Tekken 8 Finally Gets a Release Date

It’s time for a next-gen grudge match! In September, we first officially learned that Bandai Namco is working on the next sequel to the legendary fighting series, Tekken. The King of Iron Fist tournament returns once more, but this time only on next-gen consoles and PC. We were already expecting to find out more about the game and the release date a bit later, probably at The Game Awards next week – but now that seems to be official after the new post on the official Tekken Twitter.

Tekken 8 Finally Gets a Release Date?

As it was just revealed on Tekken’s Twitter page we have to #SAVETHED8 for December 8, 2022 – the date of The Game Awards show! You can check the announcement and the quick teaser in the tweet below.

So there you have it! We know that Bandai Namco will reveal something Tekken 8-related at this year’s The Game Awards show. Right now, very little is known about this title – apart from the teaser that did not show any real gameplay and today’s announcement, we learned practically nothing about Tekken 8 yet.

Now that we at least know that something will be revealed at The Game Awards, there is no doubt that Bandai Namco will slowly introduce the game in the coming months – who knows, maybe we get the date and the first in-depth trailer already at The Game Awards on December 8 – we’ll soon find out. Also, it remains to be seen if Bandai Namco will follow Capcom’s example with their very fine beta tests for Street Fighter 6. 2023 is shaping up to be a very fun year for all fighting game fans.

Tekken 8 is releasing for next-gen systems only – PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

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