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Super Mario Bros Plumbing Website Includes Phone Number You Should Definitely Call

Mamma mi-nevermind

by Lucas White

Usually it’s a bad idea to call random phone numbers, especially ones you come across randomly on the internet. Luckily this time it’s the opposite. There’s a new marketing campaign for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie, and it’s equal parts cursed and hilarious. For this one, a whole local business-style website was launched for “Super Mario Bros. Plumbing,” complete with a busted-ass website and a phone number that nobody actually answers. But you should definitely call it.

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If you really don’t want to call the number, I’ll tell you what happens. You get to listen to a voicemail message from one Luigi Mario, voiced in the Super Mario Bros. Movie by Charlie Day. And it’s extremely funny how Day seems to slip in and out of “character” in the voicemail, which appears to be part of the joke? Either way it’s pretty funny, especially the idea that Mario makes Luigi do all the grunt work. You can see it on the website, too.

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The site itself is pretty funny, showing a bunch of fake reviews from the likes of the brothers’ mom as well as Spike, aka their former boss from Wrecking Crew. There are even job listings and a broken image that takes you to a 404 page decorated by warp pipes. They make sounds! That’s fun too I guess. Anyway, the main draws here are the phone number (which you can also text for some extra but not as funny content) and this DIY commercial that absolutely Goes There:

Yeah, that’s the theme song from the old Super Mario Bros. Super Show, hosted by the late, great Captain Lou Albano and Danny Wells as bizarre live action versions of Nintendo’s premiere mascots. This is several years before Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo. Here’s the original for funsies:

Hooked on the brothers, indeed.

Lucas White

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