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Pokemon GO Studio Has Over 10 Games In Development Currently

by Liana Ruppert

When Niantic released Pokemon GO, the world knew true peace. The community came together, players were finding new ways to be active, and the roster of pocket monsters to catch continued to grow. Now there is the ability to trade, raids, and so much more, and it looks like the mobile experience is in a good place, giving Niantic a chance to branch out once more.

Pokemon GO wasn’t the first foray into the world of mobile cache hunting. Before GO there was Ingress, but what comes next is still a mystery, though we do know that Niantic has some pretty big plans in the works already. The company recently shared a roadmap for what their plans are regarding new title launches with confirmation that their focus will continue to remain on Augmented Reality experiences. Additionally, the studio also confirmed that their current plans also include releasing two launches per year.

For those active trainers out there enjoying Pokemon, no worries. Niantic confirmed in their plan that Pokemon GO is still a primary focus alongside future projects. That being said, the new launches will be outside of the Pokemon universe, meant to be something new entirely for mobile gamers to enjoy.

Given Niantic’s initial success with Ingress, a non-Pokemon mobile cache game, it’s clear that this team knows how to create an AR experience that can last a long time. Pokemon GO continued to prove that point despite its rocky launch after the initial euphoria faded away following a few weeks post-launch.

Their ambitious launch plans also includes their latest initiative, Project Wayfarer, that aims to put the power back into a player’s hand regarding local communities and making each in-game world more tailored to individual locations. Not everyone lives in a big city, and those smaller towns have often been left out in the dust when it comes to AG-heavy experiences such as Ingress and Pokemon GO.

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You can learn more about Niantic’s plans at the official blog right here, including more about Wafarer access and what that means going forward.

What do you hope to see from Niantic’s ambitious efforts? If you could develop your dream AR game, what would it be? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames, we’d love to hear what you’d like to see out of this company next!

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