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Pokemon GO Fest 2020 Introduces New Mythical Pokemon

by Andrew Smith

Niantic has announced that it will be introducing a new Mythical Pokemon at Pokemon GO Fest 2020 this July. While we don’t know what kind of rare species will be added into the game, developers are teasing a species of Pokemon that will be completely new to the mobile game. 

While details are still a bit unclear, the new Pokemon GO Mythical Pokemon will likely be appearing at some point as part of the Special Research tasks that players can complete leading up to, and during the event. 

While the celebration kicks off July 25 and 26, players will be able to begin completing Special Research tasks three weeks before the festival. Players that complete these challenges will unlock additional Pokemon appearances during the festival. Further, there will be two special sets of Research tasks, one of the 25th and one on the 26th, that can only be claimed that day. We don’t know exactly when the new Mythical Pokemon will be brought into the game, but we’re guessing it’ll somehow be a part of the event exclusive Research Tasks.

While the challenges leading up to the event will be free, players hoping to catch the new Mythical Pokemon during the festival challenges will need to purchase a ticket to Pokemon GO Fest 2020. A ticket for the festival can be purchased via the in-game store for $15 and will allow players to participate in both days of the event. 

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During Day 1 of Pokemon GO Fest 2020, players will be able to participate in a couple of cool activities. For example, the Global Challenge Arena will allow festival participants to team up with one another to complete a special “collaborative challenge” each hour of the event. Further, if the challenge is completed, participants will earn a special bonus for the remainder of the hour. Day 1 will also feature rotating habitats every hour, meaning players will have a better chance of catching specific Pokemon at specific times.

During Day 2 of Pokemon GO Fest 2020, Niantic is teasing something “very different” for players. At the time of writing, we don’t know what developers have in-store, as they’ve said that they want the “experience to be a surprise.” So, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what all that means!

While you’re waiting for the new Mythical Pokemon to be introduced during Pokemon GO Fest 2020, there’s still plenty of stuff to be done. For example, during the month of June, Niantic will be hosting two in-game events. The Solstice event and the Bug Out event, will both allow players to catch rare species of Pokemon and much more. Additionally, a new sticker feature was just added to the game, which allows players to send, receive, and collect stickers by sending gifts to their friends.

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