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Why is Jedi Survivor Getting Bad Reviews? – Answered

Performance leaves a bit to be desired.

by Shawn Robinson
Roller Mines Jedi Survivor

After a very lengthy wait, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is finally here. The story of Cal Kestis continues forth, with the previous ragtag group banding back together to combat a new threat. There’s been much promise for this sequel, given that the first game was great for the most part. However, despite some very strong reviews from critics, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor sits at a Mostly Negative score on Steam at the time of writing. If you haven’t been in the loop in places like Twitter, that could be a little confusing. Here’s why Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is getting bad reviews.

Why is Jedi Survivor Being Review-Bombed?

Ironically, Jedi Survivor isn’t being review-bombed for fault of the game design itself. Much of the little praise its received comes from its writing, gameplay, and world being top notch. Instead, this review bombing has to do with the performance of the game on PC. Many high-end systems are struggling to run the game at a playable framerate, leading to often unplayable experiences. To give one example, one user with a Nvidia RTX 4090 turned all settings down to their lowest along with turning the resolution down to 1024×768. The result was that they were almost hitting 60 FPS, something a graphics card of that caliber should be lapping with ease on most settings.

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The cause of these issues is currently unknown, however the team at Respawn seems to be quickly trying to rectify the situation. The day one patch itself brought the VRAM requirement of graphics cards seriously down, though it’s clear they still have quite a distance to go. Thankfully, Respawn is known for having quality experiences in the past (Fallen Order and Titanfall 2 as two prime examples), so these issues should be rectified in the coming week or two. For now, be sure to check our guide on how to fix Jedi Survivor crashing on startup.

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