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How to Fix Jedi Survivor Crashing on Startup

Mmm, update your drivers, you will.

by Matt Vatankhah
Coruscant Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has finally arrived with a reception that’s equally as exciting as it is worrisome, with PC players reporting dire performance issues and instability. Many players are finding that the game crashes on startup, leaving them stranded like a Rebel on planet Hoth, and unable to even start their journey as Cal Kestis. If you’re having issues with Jedi Survivor crashing on startup on PC, continue reading our guide for potential fixes.

How to Fix Jedi Survivor Crashing on Startup on PC

Naturally, troubleshooting a PC game that’s crashing on startup will yield mixed results, and because everyone’s hardware is different, some solutions may work for some players, while doing nothing for others. Either way, it never hurts to take some common steps to remedy your crashing issues.

Below, we’ll provide a list of steps you can take to potentially fix Jedi Survivor from crashing on startup.

1. Update your Graphics Card Drivers

It makes the top of the list because it’s the most obvious and, sometimes, the most effective. It’s normal for new GPU drivers to release whenever a big game comes out, and it’s likely your graphics card isn’t up to date. Use your respective GPU software to automatically update your drivers, or manually download the new drivers from your GPU’s website.

2. Verify Integrity of Game Files

Sometimes, game files can be lost and/or corrupted during the installation process. To make sure all your Jedi Survivor game files are intact, try using your chosen platform’s method of verifying them.

  • On Steam:
    • Right click Star Wars Jedi: Survivor in your library, click Properties
    • Click the Local Files Tab
    • Click Verify integrity of game files
  • On Epic Games:
    • Find Star Wars Jedi: Survivor in your Game Library
    • Click the three dots under the image
    • Click Manage, then choose Verify
  • On EA App:
    • Click on My Collection and find Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
    • Click the three dots next to the game
    • Click Repair

3. Restart your Game / Platform / PC

Many times, a classic reboot can shake things back into formation. Try closing Jedi Survivor and restarting the platform you’re playing it on (Steam/Epic/EA). If that doesn’t help, give your PC a fresh reboot.

4. Check your Firewall / Antivirus Settings

With most games forcing online access to be able to be played, it’s only natural that firewalls, antivirus software, and VPNs could cause occasional conflicts. If your computer is running any of these, take a look into their settings to make sure they aren’t preventing Jedi Survivor from starting up. You may need to create an exception for Jedi Survivor in these programs.

5. Run Jedi Survivor as Administrator

If all else fails, you could try running Star Wars Jedi: Survivor as administrator. Sometimes, a program will run more efficiently when it has admin privileges, so it’s worth a shot. Navigate to your Jedi Survivor game folder (depending on which platform you’re playing on), right-click the game file, and click ‘run as administrator’.

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