Why Can’t I Sleep in Sons of the Forest? – Sleeping Mechanics Explained

Prima M.D. delivering some virtual sleep pills under the counter for Sons of the Forest.

Like many survival games, Sons of the Forest has you taking care of your character’s parameters as you progress through the game. In Sons of the Forest, it boils down to keeping your character well-fed, hydrated, and rested.

While eating and drinking are, in hindsight, two fairly simple actions, sleep and rest have a bit more to them, and there are situations where you can’t sleep. We’re here to tell you why this may be the case and how you can get rid of sleep deprivation, even though we’re not exactly registered as licensed therapists. We will also explain the sleeping mechanics in full so that you have a full understanding of how sleep works in Sons of the Forest.

How to Sleep in Sons of the Forest

Sleeping in Sons of the Forest cannot be done everywhere. You need to either build a bed in your house and sleep there or build a shelter and hide underneath. We’ve provided a short rundown on how to build your first shelter in the below article, where you can both save your game and put your character to sleep:

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Why You Cannot Sleep in Sons of the Forest

One of the reasons is that there are enemies nearby (Skyrim PTSD flashbacks, anyone?). This means that you must either:

  • Wait for them to go away on their own
  • Slaughter them for disturbing your sleepy time
  • Scare them away and make THEM not able to sleep! Kick the ball to their court and see how they feel.

How to Scare Enemies Away in Sons of the Forest

You can scare the monsters away by equipping and pointing a skull at them. Sometimes it may work (temporarily), and sometimes it may not work at all, depending on the situation. The alternative is to build a perimeter around your base by using sticks and skulls (you can combine them from your inventory) to basically tell them, “Look, the last one who came here got his head impaled on a stake, so you should take your business elsewhere” (except when you surround your base with these it may look to them that you’re a mass murderer so they probably won’t try to mess with you). Even better: make REAL barricades.

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