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Are There Console Cheat Commands in Sons of the Forest? – Answered

God Mode ON, anyone?

by Nikola L

Sons of the Forest is the latest craze on Steam, and how wouldn’t it be, since it’s a spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed “The Forest”? Endnight Games nailed it with the Early Access release of Sons of the Forest and has hundreds of thousands of players flocking to this game to enjoy it solo or with friends. People are wondering if there are console cheat commands for Sons of the Forest to make their progress easier, and Prima Games is here to help.

Currently, there are unfortunately no console cheat codes for Sons of the Forest. In addition to that, there is no console function at all. There is only a chat option when you hit the Enter key on your keyboard, that’s exclusive for multiplayer (you cannot open it in single player).

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As soon as we establish a working way to open a console and obtain a working list of codes, commands and cheats, we will update this article, so stay tuned. On a related note, there are no console cheat codes for Sons of the Forest at this moment. As soon as there are some working codes we’ll post them here. You can bookmark this page and check back at a later date, and explore our other content on Prima Games.

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You can only use an unofficial, third-party mod from WeMod that will allow you to cheat to your heart’s content, if you want to spoil your gameplay entirely. We won’t judge. The devs might though, so venture down this road at your own risk.

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