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Where to Find the 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest

Print whatever your heart desires (within reason)!

by Shawn Robinson
Sons of the Forest Turtle

Sons of the Forest is a game that prides itself on rewarding your exploration efforts. The more you explore around the map and view the various caves, along with the infinite points of interest, the more you’ll find new things that will help you out on your journey. One such item can be useful for crafting an array of useful tools, though its location is shrouded in mystery. Here’s where to find the 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest.

How to Use the 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest 3D Printer Location
Image via Prima Games.

The 3D Printer is located at one of the many points of interest in the game. These are marked on your GPS by a white dot surrounded by a green circle. In the case of the 3D Printer, you’ll have to head to the green circle north of our character in the GPS picture above. It’s located on the western side of the map, adjacent to the nearby beach and a cave. The beach is in an inlet if that helps with navigation.

Once you make it there, you’ll find a cave entrance which you should enter. Head down the hall, and you’ll find the room with the 3D Printer. You’ll also find Printer Resin and other useful items, so be sure to do some scouting around. As for the printer itself, you can select the item you want to print on the computer. Hold E once you have the item you want, and provided you have enough Printer Resin, it will begin making the item.

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The items the 3D Printer can make vary vastly in usefulness. The best item you can make by far is the Canteen, which stores river water for you to drink on command. Tech Armor is just as useful, providing the best protection in the game. While expensive, we suggest making the Printable Sled. It may only be useful in a few areas, but it’s sure to bring tons of laughs. Taking damage doesn’t bring quite as many laughs, so be sure to read our guide on how to get healed up.

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