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How to Get the Flashlight in Sons of the Forest

Finally time to explore the caves!

by Joe Greene
a flashlight in sons of the forest

A cursory glance of the GPS will show tons of cave locations for players to explore. If you have managed to make it into one of these caves, you will quickly notice they are quite dark and hard to navigate. This is where the flashlight becomes necessary. Obtaining a flashlight in Sons of the Forest is very easy, however you will need to know exactly where to find it. Without further ado, continue reading to learn where to get the flashlight in Sons of the Forest!

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Where to Get the Flashlight in Sons of the Forest

The flashlight can be obtained by freeing a tied up body that is found at one of the purple markers on your GPS. Once you manage to cut the body down, you can pick up the flashlight, GPS Locator and a bunch of other goodies.

Sons of the Forest Flashlight Location

Shown in the image above is the exact location where the flashlight can be found in Sons of the Forest. While the purple marker is no longer there, just imagine it is!

If you need any other landmarks, if you follow the road you will run into an abandoned camp with a few bodies. Keep following that path up the hill and you will run into the flashlight location.

The flashlight will prove to be an extremely useful tool if you want to explore the various caves scattered along the map. Simply press L to take the flashlight out and light up the area in front of you.

Now that you know how to get the flashlight in Sons of the Forest, it is time to get out there and loot those caves!

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