Where to Find the Training Dummy in Diablo 4

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Diablo 4 Training Dummy
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Blizzard Entertainment is continually adding new features to Diablo 4 beyond its release last June, and has introduced a Training Dummy in the latest update. The Training Dummy allows players to test their character builds in a controlled environment.

Training Dummy Location in Diablo 4

The Training Dummy can be found in Kyovashad of Fractured Peaks, between the World Tier Statue and the Cathedral of Light. The location is called the Training Grounds, and players can enter it anytime during or after the game’s main campaign, regardless of level.

How to Use the Training Dummy in Diablo 4

The Training Grounds contain a small area with the Training Dummy, a stash, and a statue where players can configure the dummy. Players can continually attack and damage the dummy, but it will not fight back or can be defeated.

Its purpose is to test the strength of your build and make changes if necessary. It is much easier than going out into the lands of Sanctuary to find groups of enemies to fight.

There are multiple options to change the type of dummy you can use by interacting with the Configure Training Dummy statue on the left of the room. The options can be mixed together, and here is what is available:

  • Normal Training Dummy
  • Elite Training Dummy
  • Boss Training Dummy
  • Single Training Dummy
  • Multiple Training Dummies

Players can select the options again to reset the dummy or dummies. There are no quests or rewards involved with using the Training Dummy. It is simply a training room for players to check how much damage their builds can cause in a less hectic environment.

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