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Where to Find the Philosophical Hypocenter in Harvestella

How to get to this elusive place in Coral Shrine?

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Where to Find the Philosophical Hypocenter in Harvestella

Harvestella, our favorite life sim/JRPG crossover, is a game in which you will do numerous quests in addition to literal farming. You have to discover a lot in the game yourself, just like the locations where some quests are handed in, because there are no waypoints or an excessively detailed map. Thus, you may end up in a situation where you have a quest that needs to be submitted in a place called the Philosophical Hypocenter without any idea what that place is, where it is and how to get there. So, let’s figure out where to find the Philosophical Hypocenter in Harvestella.

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Where to Find the Philosophical Hypocenter in Harvestella

Where is the Philosophical Hypocenter actually located in the world of Harvestella? Many quests lead you to this place, while some characters you need to meet are there, but all you know is that it’s somewhere inside the Coral Shrine dungeon, though you won’t see it on the fast travel list at a Motus Monolith statue. Despite that, you will have to frequent the Philosophical Hypocenter for many reasons – one of them being the conclusion of Emo’s friendship quests that are needed to unlock Wogenlide – a very good support job class.

So, to get to Philosophical Hypocenter in Harvestella:

  1. First, get to the Coral Shrine
  2. Access the Motus Monolite statue
  3. Initiate fast travel to “III Three-Pronged Crossroad’s End”
  4. Just walk to the next room and, behold, you are in Philosophical Hypocenter

Now you know how to find this elusive place, so go complete your quests and continue your progress through the interesting story of Harvestella.

Harvestella is available now for Nintendo Switch and Windows PC only.

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