All Rare Fish in Harvestella and How to Catch Them

You're a monster if you eat an Ice Faerie

Harvestella knows how to appeal to the deep, almost primal desire to grind. Like, sure, there’s a story too. But who cares about that when we need to fill out the fish section in our Encyclopedia? There are rare fish too, as though there weren’t enough fish already.

All Rare Fish in Harvestella and How to Catch Them

To add these rare fish to your encyclopedia (and profit, of course), you’ll need to acquire the Fishing Knowledge Book from the Lethe General Store shopkeeper. Once you do, you’ll come across the Great Water Faerie, who will give you the option to complete her Orders in order to unlock the Water Biome on your farm. Complete enough of her tasks, and she’ll create a Water Biome level 2 for you. Nice!

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Go to the top of your far, past the Water Biome plot, and investigate the pond. An interesting sentient fish monster (or Sahagin, I guess) will greet you. He’ll upgrade your Fishing skills to Level 2 so that you can find him some rare fish. Not just rare fish, but “veeeery speshul” fish. I love Sahagin.

So far, we only know of nine rare fish. But thanks to Sahagin’s help, we can now catch them.

AurelianLethe or Jade ForestAnytime during the rain (some claim they’ve caught it during sunny weather)
Cardinal GoldfishOld Well on the farm, Karenoid EntranceDuring Quietus
Giant SalamanderLethe VillageAutumn
Ice FaerieHoly City Argene (Snow Hut Square)Winter
Jejune TroutHigan Canyon III Cypress CrossingOne day after it rains, on the arch before the boss area
MonotaimenBird’s Eye Brae, your fishpondAutumn and Summer, any weather
Rainbow HarpPanthalassa Junction 
Siren’s ServantSeaside town, ShatollaRainy
Twilight Cherry SalmonNemea TownNight

Catching all nine rare fish is a truly time-consuming process, but they’re well worth it. Just look at how gorgeous they are!

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