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How to Get Small Wind Cores in Harvestella

Little bundles of turbulence.

by Matt Vatankhah

There’s a lot of stuff to do in Square Enix’s RPG/farming sim hybrid, Harvestella. Between tending to your crops, feeding your animals, building relationships with your companions, and avoiding the season of Death that comes around every 30 days and kills every living person that leaves their home, you’ll never run out of responsibilities to take care of. What, does having to keep your animals fed surprise you or something? Anyway, let’s learn how to get Small Wind Cores in Harvestella.

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How To Get Small Wind Cores in Harvestella

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Take a trip to the east of Lethe Village to find the Njord Steppe; an open, windy valley nestled between various canyons. You’ve probably already been here in the earliest stages of the game, but couldn’t progress further due to some certain characters standing in your way. Once you reach Chapter 3 in the main storyline, however, you’ll be able to fully explore the Njord Steppe to take advantage of all the resources it has to offer.

Small Wind Cores can be harvested from mining nodes scattered around the Njord Steppe, which will serve as your most reliable source for them. Make sure to scour the area and harvest as many mining nodes as you can, as resource nodes only respawn once after a new day begins.

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Additionally, you can slay Wind Elements in the Heaven’s Egg dungeon for a chance to find Small Wind Cores. Heaven’s Egg is located further east from the Njord Steppe, past the town of Nemea. If the main storyline hasn’t already taken you there, it soon will. But be careful, the dungeon is crawling with dangerous FEAR monsters that seek to send you straight back to your home with a hefty medical bill.

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Harvestella is available now for Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. For more information, check out our other guides here at Prima Games.