Where to Find the Grenade Launcher in DayZ

M79 grenade launcher vs Zombies

Where to Find the Grenade Launcher in DayZ

The new 1.18 patch for Russian zombie survival simulator DayZ brings in some heavy artillery! The M79 grenade launcher, plastic explosives, claymore mines, and even fireworks are added to this explosive update. But all those unique weapons must first be found on the wild huge map of this brutal survival game that originated from an ARMA 2 mod. Where do you find the new grenade launcher, ideal for blasting campers? Find out below.

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Where to Find the Grenade Launcher in DayZ?

Grenade Launchers spawn in random locations on the huge DayZ map, making them very difficult to find. However, hardcore fans and data miners did some digging through the game’s XML files and managed to discover that the Rocket Launcher, as well as a couple of other new weapons added in the 1.18 patch, have an internal tag of “unique” and they only spawn in buildings that are also marked as “unique.” In the case of the M79 Grenade Launcher, potential spawn locations are related to unique Military Locations as well as Military Train Wrecks places so you should try looking for them there.

Break-action grenade launcher. Might look antiquated, but still effective.

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Finding those sites might be a little easier by using the interactive DayZ map that can be found here. Just be warned – you might not be the only player with the idea to explore these locations while searching for new powerful weapons, so those zones might turn out to be new PvP hotspots in DayZ. Happy hunting!

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