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What are the Best Guns in DayZ?

by Prima Games Staff

What are the Best Guns in DayZ?

When a new shooter arrives, everyone wants to know about the best guns. For the most part there isn’t an answer that anyone can prove to be true beyond the others, so discussions like this fall to the preferences of the fans involved.

Rather than tell people what the best gun in DayZ is (because it’s not possible), we thought we’d list five that are quite good (we think), even if it’s for reasons that might be a little surprising to some. Our intention? To get survivors of Chernarus to start thinking about more than just where they can get their hands on an M4A1 and learn to appreciate some of the underdogs.

Mosin 9130

We’ll start off with the gun that is most famous (at least in terms of DayZ) for being the favorite of Mr. Blackout. Sure, it’s a bolt-action sniper rifle, but it’s quite versatile. At far distances players can use the Long Range Scope (for now), and up close they can switch to either the iron sights or the PU Scope. No other weapon in the game (besides perhaps the Longhorn) is as likely to put someone down with only one bullet. It’s the obvious choice for anyone who wishes to be a sniper.


This weapon bridges the gap between medium and short-range engagements, allowing players to load 10 rounds at a time and fire them in quick succession. In other words, it can be used for that precision headshot from afar, or to blast someone multiple times when things get up close and personal. It also doesn’t hurt they can be found laying (literally) just about anywhere on a military base, even if the ammunition is tougher to locate.

Repeater + Magnum

Before players do something crazy like closing this tab, hear us out. The Repeater is a better gun than people give it credit for. Yes, the fire rate is slow, but the weapon will hold 11 rounds at a time, and anything to the upper torso is likely to at least cause unconsciousness. Add in the Magnum as a sidearm, and players have a combination of weapons that each take the common .357 ammunition. While not the best option for a wild firefight, it’s good for the average survivor.


We did not want to put this one on the list, mostly because it’s typical, as just about everyone wants the AKM with the 75 Round Drum Magazine. However, it’s a good gun. It takes the same 7.62 x 39mm ammunition as the SKS, but the magazines will hold either 30 or 75 rounds. For the player who wants to run into Elektro and start trouble, there isn’t a better weapon than this, and they are fairly common for anyone who wants to travel to a military barracks.


In all honesty, we could have grouped this weapon with the Moisin 9130, but we wanted to give it a fair chance on its own. Not only are shotguns extremely powerful up close, but the IZH-43 can be used as is, or converted to a Sawed-Off IZH-43 with a Hacksaw. This means that players can fit it into the bottom of their backpacks, essentially allowing them to carry two primary weapons without having to double carry. Can’t beat that.

Looking at our list, we anticipate there will be players wondering why we snubbed weapons like the MP5-K, the M4A1 or whatever else happens to be their favorites. Simply put, we were trying to think outside the box with a few of these. Telling people the best gun in the game is the M4A1 is somewhat useless when it’s unlikely that 99 percent of players will find one. The MP5-K isn’t nearly as rare, but it’s still somewhat hard to find. We’d rather give players suggestions they can adapt to their playing styles, potentially finding their new favorite guns in DayZ.