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The Best Loot Locations and Buildings in DayZ

by Prima Games Staff

The Best Loot Locations and Buildings in DayZ

If you play DayZ properly, you’ll spend most of your time looting and going on adventures, and only a small amount of time engaging in gun battles in Berezino. You heard us, DayZ is not all player-versus-player, or at least it’s not supposed to be. Sometimes finding the right loot can open up your time in Chernarus to a world of possibilities, such as Hunting, Fishing and even Sitting Around the Campfire with good friends.

The problem with going on adventures, however, is that sometimes you can look for hours and not find the loot you need to make it happen. Seriously, we’ve been looking for a High Powered Scope for our Mosin for the last five days, and yes, we’ve been to the Northwest Airfield and every city all the way back to the coast. In fact, this inspired us to tell you about the 10 best loot buildings in DayZ, although we should warn you, we’re not talking strictly military loot.

In no particular order…

Piano House

The Piano House typically has three doors, and gets its name from the piano you’ll find on the first floor. Check the shelf for ammunition or a gun, then head upstairs and look around, including inside the room at the end of the hall. Besides guns and ammunition, expect to primarily find food and clothing.


Schools have big front doors that you might expect a school to have, but also a door on either side of the first floor. If you go through the main doors, you can use the stairs on your right to go to the third floor where the only open room will contain a gun. If it’s not there, someone took it. Besides that gun, you can often find food and medical supplies.


The biggest concentration of garages that we’ve ever found was in Novo. Garages are good for clothing, and often contain wool coats or even our favorite, riders jackets. Beyond clothing, you can find some military loot, but also axes and fishing lures. The sky is the limit here.

Police Station

A Police Station in DayZ

These are the buildings that have the lookout on top, and when you go inside you’ll see a jail and spiral staircase. They don’t seem to be as good as they once were, but you are almost certain to find a gun and some ammunition, although they aren’t usually compatible. Beyond that, you can find some clothes and usually lots to drink.

Military Tents

Fair enough, tents aren’t really buildings, but we’re going to give them a pass since they are likely the primary place to loot up when looking for trouble. The most common tents in the game are on the northwest side of the Northwest Airfield. Almost every one of them will contain weapon attachments, food, military clothing, ammunition and even the occasional gun.

Cars and Trucks

An Abandoned Truck in DayZ

Vehicles are everywhere, but you’re more likely to find a gun here than you are in a military tent. Make sure you check the front seats, trunk and even the ground around them. They will often have food, backpacks and yes, their fair share of weapons. It’s never a bad idea to stop and snoop through one.

Food Houses

A Food House in DayZ

Food houses (pictured above) tend to have more to eat than a grocery story, and often include bottles of water or a Canteen. They will even spawn a weapon in one of the back rooms, but it’s really the consumables that survivors should be excited about. Several of these buildings can be found just north of Severograd.

Fire Stations

A Fire Station in DayZ

You can find fire stations at the Northwest Airfield, as well as plenty of other towns and cities on the map. They are often a great place to get an axe, or even pick up a pistol and some ammunition. Don’t forget to go upstairs and even take a peek out on the roof. Just don’t get sniped.


Military barracks are often found at the Northwest Airfield, as well as the military base to the southwest of it. There are more, but those are the two most notable places to locate them. You can often find a gun under the sink in the bathroom, but there is usually lots of clothing and ammunition as well. Be sure to go prone and pop into first-person to look under the bed.

Aircraft Hangers

As you would expect, aircraft hangers are found at the airfields, but they aren’t as great as they once were. They seem to have a lot of boots and backpacks these days, but besides the SKS they lack some of the game’s more popular weapons. You can find ammunition, weapon attachments and anything else from the military around here. They are a must-check before setting out for Berezino.

Gate Houses

You’re only going to find military loot here (and maybe some food), but there is a lot of loot at the gate houses around Chernarus. You can find one gate house at the Vybor Military Base, one at the Northwest Airfield, and many more scattered throughout towns like Berezino and Elektro. These are very popular places to go these days (0.57), but if you are looking to find a gun and some ammunition quickly, this might be your best bet. Also note that if you’re specifically looking for a gun, you can visit out Best Places to Find a Gun in DayZ article, also up to date as of 0.57.

Hunting Stands

You can find these scattered all over the map, normally on the edge of a tree line that overlooks a clearing. You want to check all of these, as they often have water, binoculars, ammunition, scopes, and much more, including guns. These are great ways for those of you who don’t want to head to the coast to find a lot of gear in a big hurry. This also applies to the stands that you’ll see along the fence line of military bases, as these often have foot, backpacks, and yes, military gear.

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