While we're busy filling out our roster for Pokemon Sword and Shield in anticipation for the DLC that will be arriving later on in the year, we're hard on the hunt for critters that have missed the chance to join our squad on our first run as Champion. This isn't quite a baby Pokemon, but we've got the goods on where to find Lucario in Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

Where to Find Lucario in Pokemon Sword and Shield

So, you want to put a Lucario in your squad. Sure, one option is to just evolve one out of a Riolu (and we've got a whole guide on that if you're so inclined). However, if you're not wanting to go through the trouble of tracking down what's a relatively rare spawn, we can tell you how to find Lucario in the overworld too. 

Those who want a piece of this Fighting and Steel Pokemon are going to have to head to North Lake Miloch in the Wild Area to up your chances of an encounter. The weather conditions that you're going to have to meet are Normal, which means that any extreme events or cloud coverage will render you hanging around North Lake Miloch a little useless. Who wouldn't want a Pokemon on their team that can apparently tell what people are thinking, according to its Pokedex entry?

You're also going to be able to get Lucario from 5-star raids if that's your end-game jam, so you can keep an eye out for that instead of just traipsing around a Wild Area and hoping for the best if you're at that stage in your playthrough. 

Now that you know where to find Lucario in Pokemon Sword and Shield, it's time to head out there and to arm yourselves with some Poke Balls before praying for the best. If you need a hand with anything else about exploring Galar, why not check out some of these other tips and tricks that we've compiled for aspiring Trainers?