So you're on the hunt for something to ignite your life in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Maybe our guide on how to catch a Charmander just wasn't doing it for you, because you're a little tired of starters that are cute as a button. Why not go in an entirely different direction and check out our Solrock Pokemon Sword and Shield location guide for tips on where to find this gigantic sun rock.

Solrock Pokemon Sword and Shield Location Guide

One thing to note before we crack fully into our guide on where to find this bad boy in the latest Pokemon games: Solrock is actually a version exclusive. If you're wondering what other critters are also only available in Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield instead of both, we actually have a full list here. However, this means that Pokemon Shield players get Lunatone instead, and if you want to get your hands on a Solrock while owing Shield, it's going to have to be through old-fashioned trading. 

So, back to it if you're a proud owner of Pokemon Sword and wondering where and when you're going to find this gigantic rock. Solrock is, despite its design, a Rock and Psychic Pokemon which is actually pretty amusing. To find one, you're going to have to head to Route 8 or Giant's Cap. There are no specific weather conditions to be met, and the Solrocks that you'll be able to find in either location will range from Level 39 to Level 44 so they shouldn't require too much to bring them up to speed. 

Now that you have our Solrock Pokemon Sword and Shield location guide in hand, it should be fairly easy to actually nail one down (and we're not just saying this because those buggers are huge). If you want the other side of the cosmic coin in the form of Lunatone and you're a Pokemon Sword owner, you're going to have to pop a trade with someone from Pokemon Shield - maybe knock it out when they want a Solrock of their own. Need help with something else in Galar? Check out these tips and tricks that we've put together for all Trainers: