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Where to Find Every Gobstone in Hogwarts Legacy

Marbles or Gobstones?

by Daniel Wenerowicz

Zenobia Noke has been bullied relentlessly and now all of her Gobstones were hidden away from her. As a younger student, she doesn’t have the ability to find the stones in Hogwarts Legacy or even pull them down from all the high places in which they were hidden.

If you decide to help Zenobia who is near the courtyard, she will task you with finding all six of her missing Gobstone pieces in exchange for a reward. We’re going to give you all of the locations so you can return those stones and Zenobia can get back to her game in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy – Where to Find Every Gobstone

As you look for each of the Gobstones in Hogwarts Legacy, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, you’ll need the Accio spell to pull all of the stones from their locations. Second, there is a trail that leads you to each location, but you’ll still need to find where they are hiding. Read below for all six locations and watch for the bright glow when you arrive.

Gobstone Locations:

  • Transfiguration Courtyard – Look toward the archways that are in the courtyard. There are only two and the one you want is more open. Look in the center on top of the archway to find the stone.
  • Divination Tower – This second location will lead you all the way up some spiraling stairs. At the top, you can find the Gobstone stuck in the chandelier.
  • Central Hall – Around the corner from the Diviation Tower, you can head out onto the top railings of the Central Hall. You’ll find the stone located on one of the central beams.
  • Ravenclaw Tower – The next three are located near the same areas around the Grand Staircase. Ravenclaw Tower in particular has a tough Gobstone to spot in Hogwarts Legacy, but you can find it hidden near the ceiling.
  • Trophy Room – You’ll have a few stairs to climb to get here, however, the stone is easy to spot. Go past the giant suit of armor and look toward the left-hand side of the wall.
  • Trophy Room – Our last Gobstone is also located in the Hogwarts Legacy Trophy Room area, but it’s further inside. Head into the room with the Goblet of Fire and search the shelves.

If you’re ever struggling to pinpoint a stone, use Revelio to highlight any important details for the room. Once you have all six Gobstones though, you can head back to Zenobia Noke. She’ll be happy you got them back and you’ll get a Hogwarts Legacy Wand handle for your troubles.

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