Ningguang and Condessence Crystals in Genshin Impact
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Where to Find Condessence Crystals in Genshin Impact

Don't forget to bring your claymores

As a new nation emerges, a plethora of fresh recipes follows suit. Consequently, travelers will require a range of ingredients, particularly the new type of ore, Condessence Crystals, in Fontaine. Here are the primary locations where you can find Condessence Crystals in Genshin Impact.

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All Condessence Crystals Locations in Genshin Impact

Condessence Crystals are the region ore in Fontaine, so they can be found in various places throughout the islands and underwater. The best islands to visit for Condessence Crystals are the island of Elynas and the area just behind the Court of Fontaine. Small veins can also be found on the other islands in case you need an extra few, but once you’re done exploring above ground, it’s time to head underwater. 

The primary reason why you’re going to need a lot of these particular ores is to unlock the Craftable Fontaine Weapons, but you’re also going to need this ore in order to craft the weapons as well.

Elynas Condessence Crystal Map Locations in Genshin Impact

These ores can be found primarily around mountainous regions, which means a whole lot of walking and climbing in Genshin. To help out with this, definitely bring along Ningguang if you have her, or take advantage of the Blacksmith in Fontaine who can often lead you to large pockets of ore. For Ningguang, however, she will locate ores on the mini-map and help you figure out where exactly the location is when you are near it, making farming go a whole lot easier. 

Court of Fontaine Condessence Crystal Map Locations in Genshin Impact

Condessence Crystals found around the Court of Fontaine will mostly be behind the city rather than closely around the walls or gardens on the outside. By following the ridged mountains just behind the Court, however, there are plenty of opportunities to come across Condessence Crystals as well as in the mountains just north of the plains. 

Court of Fontaine Condessence Crystals Map Locations in Genshin Impact
Image from HoYolab’s Teyvat Interactive Map

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Additional Condessence Crystal Map Locations Above Ground in Genshin Impact

Other locations where Condessence Crystals can be found south of the Marcotte Station and on the mountains beside the waterfall just north of the Lucine Fountain as indicated in the map image below. 

Marcotte Station Condessence Crystals Map Locations in Genshin Impact
Image from HoYolab’s Teyvat Interactive Map

Another area to try is near Poisson where there is a small cluster of ores just south of the Poisson Base above ground. 

Condessence Crystal Dragon Skull Map Location Under Water in Genshin Impact

There aren’t many areas where there are Condessence Crystals underwater, but the areas that you can find them in are close together and don’t require you to go too far in between each segmented location in order to collect them all. 

The first of these locations is just under the Dragon Skull on Elynas Island. While the eye sockets can be seen above water, the Condessence Crystals can be discovered in the jaws underwater. Spread out around its teeth and in the center of its mouth, there are multiple ores that can be broken here with plenty of Transoceanic Crabs that you can borrow the power from. 

Not too far from the jaws, Travelers can take the path leading out east where there will be multiple more locations of the Condessence Crystal Ore that can be broken on either side of the path as long as you swim along the ground as depicted in the above images. 

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Thalatta Submarine Canyon Condessence Crystal Map Location Under Water in Genshin Impact

Freminent in Thalatta Submarine Canyon - Genshin Impact
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The last location to find Condessence Crystal veins is the northernmost area of Fontaine just west of Marcotte Station. Underwater this area is called Thalatta Submarine Canyon and there is a small area where there are Condessence Crystals leading up to a hole you may have to break through with the help of Transoceanic Powers. Diving into this small area will unlock many more Condessence Crystals that you can farm every two to three days when they respawn. 

Condessence Crystals will be an important ore to look for so that you can not only unlock the blueprints for the new weapons but also begin to craft them. To learn more about the Fontaine Weapons, check out our guide on how well these new weapons will be for you and which should you craft first. For other news and guides covering Genshin Impact, there’s also the game tag just below this article that will lead you to our latest coverage of this game.

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