All Genshin Impact Fontaine Characters Revealed Thus Far

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Fontaine Characters Featured

We’re ready to jump right into the next Genshin Impact chapter with the arrival of Fontaine, where we’ll not only face new challenges in a completely new environment but also meet new (and even some old) faces in the Land of Justice! Here are all the revealed characters for the upcoming region in the game until this moment.

All Revealed Fontaine Characters So Far


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The celebrated magician of Court of Fontaine, Lyney is a prestigious performer who lives up to his title in both his looks and his kit. He’s a 5-star Pyro Bow character who shoots cards instead of arrows, with a Hu Tao-like kit where he loses HP in order to deal bigger damage. He’s Lynette and Freminet’s brother.


Fontaine Characters Lynette
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Lyney’s younger sister and his prime assistant in his magical tricks. But unlike her brother, who yearns for greatness, she prefers to keep herself low-profile. Much like in her lore, she’s more suited for a supporter role in teams in her status as a 4-star Sword Anemo character. 


Fontaine Characters Freminet
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While he doesn’t enjoy performing like his siblings, Freminet’s renowned for his marine knowledge and exceptional diving skills, which are also reflected in some of the 4-star Cryo Claymore abilities. He’s a pseudo-hybrid character who deals extra Cryo and Physical damage at the same time with his skills.


Fontaine Characters Charlotte
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The Steambird journalist we’ve met a few times during past events. She has a Cryo vision and often travels the world searching for new stories to write for her local newspaper. She already knows the Traveler, so we can expect her to be more receptive than others to our presence in her homeland.


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He appeared in The Final Feast teaser a few weeks ago alongside Sigewinne, seemly working together on some important facility of Fontaine. Rumors have claimed he could eventually enter the standard 5-star characters lineup just like Tighnari and Dehya did.


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Appearing alongside Wriothesley during The Final Feast animation, she appears to be his assistant in whichever job they might do. No specific info on her just yet, aside from the fact she’s the region’s first “child” character.


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One of the most anticipated characters in Fontaine, Neuvilette is the Chief Justice in the Court of Fontaine (basically the main judge). His intimidating looks are definitely fit for his position, although we know nothing about his gameplay as of yet. Leaks are often inconsistent to believe, but some have claimed he could be the Hydro region’s dragon.


Image via Hoyoverse

The Champion Duelist in Fontaine. She is seen in the trailer following Neuvilette’s orders to conduct the Trial in which the Traveler is supposedly being charged. She brandishes her sword imbued with her Electro vision while personally bringing “justice” to evildoers.

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Fontaine Characters Navia
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The president of the Spina de Rosula in Fontaine, the blonde girl seems to be on amicable terms with the Traveler from what we’ve seen in the trailer. She’s seen holding a Claymore, as well as having a Geo vision in her fancy outfit. 

Furina (Focalors)

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The all-powerful Hydro Archon, complete with a sassy, impatient attitude that looks down on others as a routine. Seems like we’ll have an Inazuma throwback since the Archon is opposing us, once more. The Traveler just can’t catch a break.


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You surely know her by this point! The Fatui Harbinger, that permanently altered the community’s brain chemistry with her stunning looks and cold behavior, will be one of the main villains in Fontaine. She might or might not be playable, but not releasing her would be Hoyoverse’s biggest mistake ever. 

There will surely be some more characters revealed in the future, but it will probably take a good while before the whole cast mentioned above becomes playable. They all have unique models, after all. So spend your gems wisely because we’re up to a wild ride in the following banners.

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