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Screenshot from Genshin Impact YouTube Version 4.0 Special Program

How Good Are the New Battlepass Weapons in Genshin Impact? – Answered

Spend your money wisely and get what you need

Travelers can look forward to a lot of new changes coming with Fontaine in 4.0, one of the many is the new weapons that will be added to Genshin Impact’s Battlepass. Yes, finally after two to three years, Hoyoverse will be changing up the weapons that can be obtained in the Battlepass at Level 30 (with the purchase of said BP). So now the question on everyone’s mind is going be just how good are these weapons?

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Which New Battlepass Weapon Should You Choose in Genshin Impact?

Out of the five weapons that are coming to the Genshin Impact Battlepass, the best weapon to choose is the Wolf-Fang Sword. Closely following is the Talking Stick Claymore–these are the best weapons to get from the Battlepass. They can be equipped universally onto most characters and have great passives that’ll work with anyone in your roster, especially DPS.

Wolf-Fang is an amazing sword that is based on Crit Rate and increases it further by your character using their Skill and Ultimate. It stacks and can trigger quickly so it’s almost constantly in effect whenever you are using the character it’s equipped to.

The Talking Stick is a claymore that wants you to get hit or at least have some kind of Elemental Effect on your character, since whenever you eat Elemental Damage and have that Pyro, Hydro, Electro, Cryo, or Dendro Icon attached to your character, you’ll have increased Attack or Elemental Damage Bonus. This is great for universal use on just about any character, and while we aren’t entirely sure if the effect would stay even if you switched them out, you’d still get a great claymore that potentially keeps those effects as Sub-DPS Damage if the character’s Skill or Burst is still working while they are off the field. 

Screenshot from Genshin Impact YouTube Version 4.0 Special Program

To go over some of the cons of the later weapons as to why they weren’t listed first, we’ll go from best weapon to worst weapon on the Battlepass with the best being the sword and claymore. 

Scion of the Blazing Sun has all of the makings of a great bow to equip onto characters, it’s based on Crit Rate and does additional damage based on a portion of the character’s attack and will continue to deal damage if the opponent is hit with another Charged Attack. This bow seems to work better for characters that have faster Charge Attacks since you only have 10 seconds to deal additional damage. It’ll work great for Tighnari and Faruzan, and maybe Kujou Sara. For characters like Yelan, Childe, Yoimiya, and the upcoming character Lyney, there just seems to be better bows that adhere to their kit that exist in the game without you having to spend money. 

Coming in second to last of the weapons to gun for in the new Battlepass weapons is the new polearm, Ballads of the Fjords. It’s a decent weapon that can be equipped with many characters that benefit from Elemental Mastery and a team full of characters with different elements. A polearm like this would be quite good for Cyno, Xiangling, and maybe Thoma. This isn’t a great variety of characters and we do still have upcoming Fontaine characters to look forward to, so it’s a bit lower on the list since as of right now, there aren’t many characters that would benefit from a weapon like this that they couldn’t easily get elsewhere. 

And at the bottom of the list in the category of catalysts you should really never get, Sacrificial Jade sits next to Jadefall’s Splendor. Theoretically, it’s not a terrible catalyst. Sacrificial Jade does increase HP and Elemental Mastery as long as the character is not on the field. This weapon is clearly another catalyst for Baizhu and his terrible kit while also making sure you still can’t use him as a DPS. There are really not many characters you can use this for that would benefit from both of these passive buffs. And so, this too can go in the hall of shame.

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All New Genshin Impact Battlepass Weapons Listed 

Wolf-Fang (Sword)

  • Substat: Crit Rate Percentage
  • Description: Damage dealt by Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst is increased by 16%. When an Elemental Skill hits an opponent, its Crit Rate will be increased by 2%. When an Elemental Burst hits an opponent, its Crit Rate will be increased by 2%. Both of these effects last 10 seconds separately, have a max of 4 stacks, and can be triggered once every 0.1 seconds. 

Talking Stick (Claymore)

  • Substat: Crit Rate Percentage
  • Description: Attack will be increased by 16% for 15 seconds after being affected by Pyro. This effect can be triggered once every 12 seconds. All Elemental Damage Bonus will be increased by 12% for 15 seconds after being affected by Hydro, Cryo, Electro, or Dendro. This effect can be triggered once every 12 seconds. 

Ballad of the Fjords (Polearm)

  • Substat: Crit Rate Percentage
  • Description: When there are at least 3 different Elemental Types in your party, Elemental Mastery will be increased by 120. 

Sacrificial Jade (Catalyst)

  • Substat: Crit Rate Percentage
  • Description: When not on the field for more than 5 seconds, Max HP will be increased by 32% and Elemental Mastery will be increased by 40. These effects will be canceled after the wielder has been on the field for 10 seconds. 

Scion of the Blazing Sun (Bow)

  • Substat: Crit Rate Percentage
  • Description: After a Charged Attack hits an opponent, a Sunfire Arrow will descend upon the opponent hit, dealing 60% Attack as Damage, and applying the Heartsearer effect to the opponent damaged by said Arrow for 10 seconds. Opponents affected by Heartsearer take 28% more Charged Attack Damage from the wielder. A Sunfire Arrow can be triggered once every 10 seconds. 

We’ve been down this road before and my opinion still hasn’t changed, there are weapons that should be added to Genshin Impact such as new varieties, new types, and especially new stats. Since these are Battlepass weapons, they are going to be based on Crit Rate, that’s a given but let’s hope that future weapons we see will have a lot more diversity.

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