Where to Find Bulle Fruit Trees in Genshin Impact

That’s not an apple or a melon or an Eidolon, we got a new fruit!

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Bulle Fruit or Bubble Fruit are Genshin Impact’s latest new fruit trees added to the region of Fontaine. These orange-looking oranges can be useful for a lot of things: recipes, food for some small health restoration, and you do need to collect quite a few to unlock the blueprints for the craftable weapons exclusive to Fontaine. Luckily, you won’t need to be diving for these pretty fruits. All you need to do is follow these maps to collect as many as you need. 

Where to Find the Bulle Fruit Tree Locations in Genshin Impact

Court of Fontaine and Marcotte Station

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Bulle Fruit Trees can be a little hard to spot when you’re traveling through Fontaine, seeing as how when you’re above ground, there are actually a ton of trees throughout this region. Most of them appear as pines so when roaming throughout the fields, be on the lookout for rounded, kelly-green trees, which will be Bulle Fruit Trees.

The best area to look for Bulle Trees is the fields just behind the Court of Fontaine. Plenty of open space exists, but these trees are mainly located around the rocky hillside behind Fontaine. However, you won’t need to be climbing too much since most of the Bulle Trees are spotted on either side of the hill. There are additional Bulle Fruit that you can find at a gazebo in the plans on the left side of the Court of Fontaine Island. 

Around the Marcotte Station, both piles of Bulle Fruit can be found on the paths alongside some of the trees dotting the river and seaside. Another cluster of trees can be found just south of the Icewind Suite boss arena. 

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Elynas and the West Slopes of Mont Automnequi

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South of Fontaine yields fewer rewards, especially when you see how spread out the few Bulle Fruit trees are on the map depicted above along the west slopes of Mont Automnequi. And the Bulle Fruit trees that you can find in Elynas are even more spread out, with the trees gathered in clusters randomly set around the island. 

Since Elynas has very high peaks, it can be difficult to walk through the area to get all the fruits from this island. But what is really handy is that each cluster of Bulle Fruit trees happens to be gathered around a waypoint. The northmost waypoint can reach the northern Bulle Fruit and are fairly close together, but large enemies guard the fruit there.

There are not any major threats when it comes to the lower regions of Elynas aside from dying by freefalling from the waypoints since these are typically higher than where the Bulle Fruit is located by all these trees can be found in clusters or have Fruits scattered around them. 

Don’t forget to gather those craftable weapons in Fontaine; all you need to do is gather Fontaine-exclusive items to get the blueprints from the blacksmith in the Court of Fontaine. For other materials you should be gathering, check out the articles covering where to find Lumidouse Bells for your free Lynette.

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