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How to Get Fontaine’s Craftable Weapons in Genshin Impact

Oh, thank goodness, there’s not a three day quest tied to these

With Genshin Impact’s Fontaine region now available, Travelers can also expect a free range of craftable weapons. Each region has weapons that tailor to the kits of those characters that live there, and Fontaine is no different. These weapons are based on health status and can boost other stats based on the movement of that HP, like how Sumeru’s range of weapons was based on Elemental Mastery. And the way you get these items just may surprise you.

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How to Get the Craftable Weapon Recipes for Fontaine Weapons in Genshin Impact

So where do you find the weapon recipes in Fontaine? Once you’ve unlocked the region, your primary destination is going to be the Court of Fontaine. This area is where the bulk of the city is; it’s where we find Katheryne, our Blacksmith, our Crafting Station, and all of our important shops where we’re sure to discover cute new food recipes. 

The Court of Fontaine is a huge area with several walls to keep out the Titans and also to keep you inside since climbing them to get out is exhausting (this was before I had waypoints…). We’ll rely on the Court of Fontaine, Quartier Lyonnaise Way Point which is the teleport station nearest the Fontaine Katheryne. Once you’re here, you’ll hang a right and head down the stairs all the way to the corner of the street, where you’ll discover the Blacksmith of the Area.

In the image above, this is where you can find the icon if you’d like to click on it in the game and select Navigate to make it easier. It’s a bit tricky to see because her shop is below one of the other map assets so it doesn’t show up quite as well through the use of the map image alone. 

Talking to Estelle, we have our first Blacksmith who isn’t a muscley Wagner, but we have all the options that we know and love where we can make items, buy items, and in the future, we’ll likely be able to track down crystals or rocks in the area. Estelle offers a range of Forging Diagrams, all the craftable Fontaine weapons in the Buy Option. You’ll notice that many of these don’t require quests, but instead, you’ll exchange Fontaine-exclusive items such as Bulle Fruit, Tidalga, and Condessence Crystal. 

In previous nations, there was quite a runaround trying to get the blueprints or recipes for the weapons of that particular region, except for Mondstadt and Liyue weapons. Inazuma had their weapons tied with multiple quests that you could accomplish alongside the story, with the sword being made available to you in that quest. The bow required a bit of luck and constant check-ins day after day, but the most egregious nation thus far has been Sumeru. 

While the weapons there are quite nice for the Dendro characters that were introduced over the patch, retrieving the weapon recipes involved finishing a very long story quest around the Aranara, finding multiple Aranara, and completing those very long quests. Then finding one specific and easily missable Aranara character that exchanged stories for the weapon recipes. 

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Not only that, but HoYoverse thought it would be smart to implement a new type of Weapon Billet, which means that any players that were saving them before would have to go out and farm new types of billets. Luckily, enough complaints rectified this fix and instead made the billets exchangeable at any Crafting Station. So if you had a Northlander Billet, you could exchange it for the Midlander Billet because, apparently, those are very different.

This is by far the nicest method to get weapons after the last few patches and will definitely make it easier to gather all the weapons you need for upcoming characters. There are a whole 12 new weapons with the 4.0 update, so be sure to check out the Battlepass Weapons and if they are worth getting alongside how to get the Fishing Association Weapon, Fleuve Cendre Ferryman.

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