All Fontaine Enigmatic Pages Locations in Genshin Impact

A few more mysterious pages won't hurt

Genshin Impact Fontaine Enigmatic Pages Featured

The Hydro region is overwhelmingly big when it comes to exploring, and it’s easy to miss a few elusive items, such as the Enigmatic Pages. You’ve seen them before in other regions, but we got a whole new bunch of them in Fontaine. So get ready for some long exploring, because there are tons of those around Genshin Impact!

Where to Find All Enigmatic Pages in Fontaine

You can find a total of 13 pages in the region. Before starting to chase for them, make sure you complete the Narzissenkreuz Adventure questline, the Ancient Colors questline, and at least the Aqueous Tidemarks World Quest, as they are all crucial to grabbing most pages. Their lore is also connected to the first two questlines, so you might really wanna do them first.

Page I

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In a hidden cave next to a teleport in northeast Elynas. Defeat the hounds guarding the area to unlock the chest.

Page II

Genshin Impact Fontaine Enigmatic Page 2
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Nearby the underground Melusian Village. Use the red crystal to unlock the chest.

Page III

Genshin Impact Fontaine Enigmatic Page 3
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Right next to a teleport in a big ritual circle surrounded by some Rifthounds. Defeat them, and don’t let them break the crystal to get the chest.

Page IV

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In the subaquatic Institute of Natural Philosophy. Check the shelves next to the Ancient Log tabs until you find the page.

Pages V and VIII

Find your way to the Narzissenkreuz Ordo and grab the Key to Some Place in the chests. Get back to the locked door in the Institute and grab the pages from the shelves.

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Page VI

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Next to the entrance to Narzissenkreuz Ordo, there’s a deactivated Ruin Guard with a whirlpool above it. Enter the whirlpool and open the locked door to find the page alongside a bonus chest.

Page VII

Genshin Impact Fontaine Enigmatic Page 7
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In the Annapausis underwater “secret” area. Progress through The Narzissenkreuz Adventure questline to gain access, and you’ll find the page where you first found Petit Chou after entering the area.

Page IX

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After breaking the three seals during The Narzissenkreuz Adventure quests, you’re prompted to get back to the tower. Fall off on its top instead to find a treasure and the ninth page.

Page X (Scattered Page)

Found in the dream section of the Book of Esoteric Revelations quest. There’s no page numbered “X”, but this is also counted as part of the collection

Page XI

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Inside the Narzissenkreuz Ordo, on a bookshelf to the left.

Page XII

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In the room behind the Book of Revealing unlocked in the Book of Esoteric Revelations quest.


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Bought for the price of 1 Strange Part at Xana in the Merusea Village. Complete any of the various hidden World Quests around the Village after completing Ancient Colors to get more of them.

Return all of the pages to the Book of Revealing and start deciphering all of them to get your rewards. You won’t get any achievements, but you get three big chests – Luxurious, Precious, and Exquisite – for all of your hard work. Take a rest and collect other easy books (such as the Fables de Fontaine) by now; you deserve it!

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