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Books are often the place to go in order to learn more about a region’s myths and historical events, both in real life and Genshin Impact. The difference is that in the latter, you also get instant currency prizes for having (not necessarily reading) them. The Fables de Fontaine book series is such an example, and here’s where you can find each of its volumes scattered around the city.

Where to Find All Fables de Fontaine Books in Fontaine

There are three volumes in the Fables de Fontaine series. It can be found entirely within safe areas, and fortunately, you can grab them without having to complete any other quests beforehand, so just walk straight into them and enjoy yourself with your easy achievement.

Volume 1

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The first volume can be bought from Huber’s bookstore in the court, next to the Hotel Debard waypoint in the main city. You can also find plenty of other books in his selection, so pick them as you need.

Volume 2

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The second volume is all the way back in the Romaritime Harbor, next to the very first Statue of Seven you can find. Teleport to it and immediately turn to your right to find it next to a cute white cat (you can’t pet it!).

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Volume 3

Genshin Impact Fables De Fontaine vol 3
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Head to the Court of Fontaine: Quartier Lyonnais and turn right as you get there. Go downstairs until you see an elderly man standing next to a book stand. There’s a glowy dot there, precisely the book you’re looking for.

For collecting the whole series, you’ll get the Renart the Deceiver achievement in the Mortal Travails: Series IV tab, which is one step closer to getting the Mariner namecard, as well as getting you five more Primogems. All you gotta do, aside from resonating with Hydro, is find the remaining books, such as the History of the Decline and Fall of Remuria series.

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