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Reading might not be your favorite thing in an action-driven RPG like Genshin Impact, but collecting a few books might get you some neat rewards, such as specific achievements which, in turn, get you more Primogems for the long run. This is the case with the Robben Versus Chesterton books in Fontaine, which are easy to get as soon as you first step into the Court of Fontaine. Here are all of their locations.

Where to Find the Robben Versus Chesterton Books in Fontaine

The whole series is composed of three books, so you won’t have much work with those. Both are also in the city of Fontaine, and won’t require you to do any prerequisite quests before reaching them.

Volume 1

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You find it in the Fleuve Cendre area in Fontaine’s undergrounds, next to Vitruvia. Use the underground teleport and jump to your left to find her. This is arguably the hardest volume to get, and yet it’s so simple that you won’t need more than a minute. 

In case you haven’t found the entrance to Fontaine’s undergrounds yet, use the Court of Fontaine: Fontaine waypoint and go to your right until you see a path heading underground with a closed green door. The door opens as soon as you get near it.

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Volumes 2 and 3

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The two final volumes are bought from Hubel’s store in the Court of Fontaine. Use the Hotel Debord waypoint as it’s the nearest to it and buy the remaining books to immediately complete your collection.

You’ll get the Robben versus Chesterton achievement for your deeds, and it gets you one step closer to concluding the Mortal Travails: Series IV achievement series, which awards you an exclusive namecard. Some of the books required for the other achievements, such as the Fables de Fontaine, are also found in Hubel’s bookstore, so don’t miss’em for some easy achievements!

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