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Where to Find Romaritime Flowers in Genshin Impact

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Romaritime Flowers are quite the interesting flora in Fontaine because, while you may come across a variant, you may realize that you aren’t able to pick up all of them in Genshin Impact. Rather, if you come across them when you are above land then you’ll need to have a character apply Hydro before the plant is actually ready to be picked. Since we’re in the land of lake and sea, Fontaine loves its puzzles, even when it comes to picking up flowers. Here’s where you can get Romaritime Flowers above land before we start diving underwater.

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Where to Find Romaritime Flowers Above Ground in Genshin Impact

Romaritime Flowers can normally be found around bodies of water when they are located above ground in Fontaine, though there are a couple of spots throughout Elynas. This area is quite abnormal compared to the other areas around Fontaine so this may be caused for the random locations of the Romaritime Flowers. Otherwise, they can be found along the South beach of Elynas Island, dotted along the beach, and around the small island clusters. 

Romaritime Flowers can also be found on the east side beach of the Fontaine Court island though they are quite spread out and a handful of them are on the west side of the Court of Fontaine. The other location to nab these flowers before diving into the Fontaine Lake is near the Marcotte Station or North of the Fountain of Lucine. There is a tall hill that has multiple blue and fluorescent flora that coincidently also have a few Romaritime flowers. Remember to bring a Hydro character along so that they can activate these flowers before you collect them. 

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Where to Find Romaritime Flowers Under Water in Genshin Impact

Aside from a small pocket just outside the Poisson Bank, Romaritime Flowers can be found encircling the Court of Fontaine. They can spawn at different levels of the lake but the closer they are to the Court, the more they appear around the mid-area of the water level. The closer you get to the Opera Epiclese, the lower the Romaritime Flowers will spawn, requiring you to dive deeper in order to collect them. However, since these flowers are already in the water, all you have to do is swim by them to pick them up. Romaritime flowers do take more than a day to respawn so you may have to check back in every other day at your usual spots before you’re able to collect all of the flowers you need.

These flowers will be used for ascending Freminent and, while they do not have any other recipes that involve them being used as of this article’s publication, we’ll be sure to update when it does! There are still many other items to uncover and discover and if you’re farming for Freminent like I am, then you can’t forget about his siblings. Check out these amazing articles here to figure out where to find Rainbow Roses around Fontaine for Lyney and where to find Lumidouce Bells for Lynette

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