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Where to Find Lumidouce Bells in Genshin Impact

Sweet fruits that you cannot eat

The first Fontaine character everyone gets is Lynette, the game’s third cat girl. She’s distributed for free by simply reaching Adventure Rank 25, and so many people will probably want to start leveling her. But for that, they’ll need to first gather Lumidouce Bells, her main Ascension Material found exclusively in the land of Hydro. To make matters easier for you, here’s where you can get a bunch of Lumidouce Bells in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact: Where to Get Lumidouce Bell in Fontaine

While Lumidouce Bells are dispersed across the whole map, each location has three units of them for you to grab, so the task feels generally easier! You’ll still have to hop from Waypoint to Waypoint anyway, but it’s easier than expected. Having Lyney in your party (if you pulled him) also helps a lot since he reveals the location of all nearby Ascension Materials.

Lumidouce Bells in the Beryl and Belleau Regions

Image via Teyvat Interactive Map

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Most of these sweet items are found around these areas. Most of them are right next to a waypoint, with the sole exception of a single batch at the West Slopes. But you won’t take more than 20 seconds to walk there after grabbing the last ones.

Lumidouce Bells in the Court of Fontaine Region

Image via Teyvat Interactive Map

The last few batches are located at the upper portion of the map. Most are found next to the no-exit waterway at the northern exit of the city, next to the Weapon domain. The final batch is found next to the Icewind Suite World Boss, so you’ll have to take an Aquabus to reach it if you haven’t already.

There’s a total of 25 batches of Bells in all of Fontaine, which translates to 75 items every three days on your own World. So don’t shy away from asking your friends for some help in getting some extra materials if you want to level Lynette quickly. Oh, and always take the chance to fight Coppelia when you pass by her, since our magician cat girl also needs her materials!

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