How to Start the Icewind Suite Boss Battle in Genshin Impact

This couple is the sweetest and most brilliant boss ever created by HoYoverse

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The Icewind Suite boss in Genshin Impact is a new Fontaine region enemy, depicted as a beautiful dancing couple along a huge marble courtyard. However, this boss isn’t as easy as going up to them and landing hits to initiate the battle. Here’s how to start the fight.

How to Start the Icewind Suite Boss Battle in Genshin Impact

The Icewind Suite boss is a fascinating new mechanic because this boss depicts two characters, and both have different drops depending on which one you are fighting against the most. You will still encounter both in battle no matter which one you choose, but upon defeat, they’ll have different animations, different roles, and, ultimately, different drops.

As mentioned before, Travelers cannot simply approach the boss and begin the battle because how are you going to ensure you get the right drop when, as one partner is defeated, so is the second? We’d all end up just farming the wrong resources if we were allowed to do that, especially if we were in the lineup of setting up our Supports Skills. 

Since this boss is so unique, you’ll speak to an individual with a camera set up just outside the boss’ arena. On the path leading up to the boss arena stands Maillardet, a Clockwork Meka Engineer who is conducting tests on the boss. He claims that they still need to see the Meks in action, so he gladly recruits us to do battle against the Icewind Suite.

Speaking to Maillardet first will allow you to choose which partner you’ll encounter in battle the most by choosing “Dirge of Coppelia” or “Nemesis of Coppelius.” Upon picking one of the two options, Travelers will immediately be taken to the arena where the battle will begin, so be sure to have your team ready before you choose either of these options. 

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The two boss drops you get at the Icewind Suite are the Artificied Spare Clockwork Component – Coppelia and the Artificied Spare Clockwork Component – Coppelius. Choosing the Dirge of Coppelia will drop Coppelia – the navy-blue component – and choosing the Nemesis of Coppelius will drop the Coppelius – the white component. For example, Lynette’s boss materials require the Coppelia component, so you’ll likely be choosing the Dirge of Coppelia when setting up your battle against the Icewind Suite. 

There are still many things to look forward to in Fontaine, so be sure to check out the Genshin Impact tag just below this article and keep up with our coverage. Icewind Suite isn’t our only boss that is currently out in Fontaine, so head to our guide on how to get to the Emperor Fire and Iron Boss in Genshin Impact.

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