How to Claim Your Free Lynette in Genshin Impact

The best free cat you'll get this week

Free Lynette Genshin Impact

Every time we get to a new region in Genshin Impact, a new character from the said place is given out for free. Or at least that’s what happened since Sumeru, and it might be starting to be a trend for future regions.

You can grab a free copy of her following the 4.0 update, and she’s a perfect fit for exploration, thanks to having one of the best passives for that in the whole game. And unlike other free characters, you don’t need to complete any specific quest or Spiral Abyss floor. Here’s how to claim your free Lynette in Genshin Impact.

How to Get the Free Lynette

Lynette is distributed through The Curtain Never Falls on Magic permanent event, where all you need to do is to reach Adventure Rank 25 and head to the Events tab. Click on the event, and you can claim her directly, alongside a few of the materials you’ll need to level and use her (at least for a while) right away. 

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The rest can be obtained while defeating the new opponents in Fontaine and, of course, getting the required specialty Ascension Materials. And this is way easier if you get her brother Lyney from the banners, too, since his field passive reveals nearby Fontaine specialties (like Klee or Tighnari’s passives for their respective regions). Talk about a useful character!

And even if you’re not thinking about leveling Lynette, her own field passive helps with subaquatic exploration, which composes a good part of Fontaine’s overall exploration. She’s useful too! But maybe your eyes are locked on any of the other upcoming members of Fontaine’s cast, which will also take their own time until they’re here.

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