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All New Achievements in Genshin Impact 4.0

Newfound adventures in a distant land

With seas to conquer, enemies to best, and problems to solve, the Fontaine update in Genshin Impact brings the most content we’ll get this year in the Hoyoverse game. And amidst the lines of this content, we have lots of new achievements to get. And I mean a ton of them. We got a few new achievement categories out here, as well as some additions to the older ones.

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Without further ado, here are all the achievements introduced in the Fontaine update.

All New Genshin Impact 4.0 Achievements Listed

Here we’ll include all the achievements’ names and their descriptions. Some of them are pretty straightforward, but others are slightly more mysterious. The methods for obtaining them will be gradually added here as we discover how to do it.

Wonders of the World

Most of the hidden achievements are here. You usually find a few naturally while first exploring, but some require going out of your way for them.

Achievement NameDescription
Angle EraserSuppress the Beastly Rift using the power of the crystals.
Core CoolingCause the roiling lake to become placid once more.
The White Ship“She’s sailing on the sea of dreams…”
Encyclopedia of Natural PhilosophyUse the glass wall and an indecipherable book to discover the gathering place of an old society.
A Fontainian MessageHave a friendly chat with Virgil.
Nothing but a Hound Dog…Help Mamere fix Seymour.
It’s Fish, I Added FishTaste the wonderful “birthday cake” with the Melusine.
Welcome to FontaineComplete a cruise on the aquabus.
Sogno di VolareComplete a flight with the Antoine Roger Aircraft.
Birth of the Modern ClockHelp Puca find a way to “use” the ore.
Waterworld FutureGaze upon the “water” beneath the “surface.”
Aesthetics of UglinessAnd thus does Fontaine take two steps further toward beauty.
Like Tears in the RainFind the impostor amidst the Hunter’s Rays.
These Are a Few of My……Favorite Things.
An Eye for an EyeTake care of those annoying Bullet Barnacles!
Do You Believe In Rapture?Help build a Blubberbeast paradise.
Hardships Experienced…“To obtain the holy blade that might defeat the demon king, the knight broke into the ancient city, sealed using magic…”
And After That…“The knight defeated the demon king, saving the imprisoned princess. Light has returned to the kingdom…”
A Study in SableFind a more… special subject of the Institute of Natural Philosophy’s study.
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaGo with the flow…
Truly Mouthwatering!Help Henri change his fate.
Song of the AncientsHear now the melody of ancient eons.
Ninianne of the LakeDefeat the local legend, Ninianne of the Lake.
Vivianne of the LakeDefeat the local legend, Vivianne of the Lake.
Fontaine Expects That Everyone Will Do Their DutyAn item, returned to its rightful owner…
In Search of Frittered TimeReach Reputation Lv. 10 in Fontaine.
Blubby, Chubby, Creative EvolutionAccompany the small Blubberbeast as it grows big and strong.
Ocean Circuit JudgeDefeat the local legend, Ocean Circuit Judge.
Iron ViscountDefeat the local legend, Iron Viscount.
Dobharcu, Lord of the HiddenDefeat the local legend, Dobharcu, Lord of the Hidden.
Fading VeteranDefeat the local legend, Fading Veteran.
Swords of the GorgeDefeat the local legends, the Swords of the Gorge.
The Fairy Knight TwinsDefeat the local legends, the Fairy Knight Twins.
The White Path Between Two RiversLose in the duel against the legendary Hunter’s Ray…
Cell, SplinterUse Pneuma or Ousia attacks to interrupt the Breacher Primus’s stress state.
Too Hot to Handle!Constantly attempt to freeze Tainted Hydro Phantasms…
Funerary StormUse a Pneuma attack to weaken the whirlwind Coppelia creates during the performance’s climax.
The King Is Dead, Long Live the King!Interrupt the Emperor of Fire and Iron’s Searing Coronation.
Icebound OathUse an Ousia attack to remove the shield that Coppelius deploys during the performance’s climax.
Like Water Disappearing Into WaterHear about the “prophecy” that has been circulating around Fontaine.
A Detective in ActionInvestigate the truth of the incident as Lyney’s “attorney.”
A Twist of Great MagicThe Oratrice Mecanique d’Analyse Cardinale has delivered a verdict of not guilty.
Prelude of Blancheur and NoirceurComplete “Prelude of Blancheur and Noirceur.”
Lennék én folyóvízHear the Oceanid’s call and connect with her consciousness.
Once Upon a Time in Fleuve CendreLearn about Navia’s father at the Spina di Rosula’s stronghold.
Tragedy Repeats ItselfReveal the truth behind the “serial disappearances case.”
As Light Rain Falls Without ReasonComplete “As Light Rain Falls Without Reason.”
Office on the AvenueWitness various miscellaneous matters in the Court of Fontaine.
Not Your Average JoeBrew a special blend of coffee.
Aesthetic CritiqueListen to Depierris’ theories regarding “aesthetics.”
Second ChildhoodPlay with the kids, and witness their story.
A Sudden SquallWitness Iaune’s work travails.

Fontaine: Dance of the Dew-White Springs (I)

Achievements you’ll find naturally while exploring Fontaine. They give you a nice name card when you get them all!

Achievement NameDescription
Continental Explorer: Land of Harmonious Springs (I)Light up the maps of the following areas in Fontaine: Court of Fontaine Region, Belleau Region, and Beryl Region.
Font of All Waters (I)Unlock all Teleport Waypoints in the following areas in Fontaine: Court of Fontaine Region, Belleau Region, and Beryl Region.
Sanctuary Pilgrim: Land of Harmonious Springs (I)Unlock all the Shrines of Depths in the following areas in Fontaine: Court of Fontaine Region, Belleau Region, and Beryl Region.
Like Waters ClearUpgrade the Statues of The Seven in Fontaine to their maximum level.
Dew SongReach the Max Level of the Fountain of Lucine in the Court of Fontaine.
Tides Will Guide You Home (I)Follow 6/12/24 Seelie in the Court of Fontaine Region, Belleau Region, and Beryl Region to their Seelie Courts.
Waveriding Treasure Hunter (I)Open 60/120/240 chests in the Court of Fontaine Region, Belleau Region, and Beryl Region.
Waveriding Adventurer (I)Complete 3/6/12 Open World Time Trial Challenges in the Court of Fontaine Region, Belleau Region, and Beryl Region.
Ann in WonderlandComplete the tale of the Narzissenkreuz Adventure Team.
Limner, Dreamer, and Robotic DogDiscover the secret to be found within Elynas.

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Mortal Travails: Series IV

Attune to the aquatic power of Hydro while collecting a few books here and there. You’ll be glad you did that! 

Achievement NameDescription
Land of Fair SpringsObtain the power of Hydro.
Renart the DeceiverCollect the entire “Fables de Fontaine” series.
Robben versus ChestertonCollect the entire “Robben versus Chesterton: Iridescent Brooch” series.
Compendium of MiseryCollect the entire “The History of the Decline and Fall of Remuria” series

Meetings in Outrealm: Series IV

All of the new Co-Op achievements are easy to get with a friend or strangers in various worlds.

Achievement NameDescription
End of the Eternal ReturnDefeat the Aeonblight Drake in Co-Op Mode.
Ever So Slightly InferiorDefeat the Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network in Co-Op Mode.
The Greenery Out of SpaceDefeat a Dendro Hypostasis in Co-Op Mode.
Dance Like You Want to Win!Defeat Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal in Co-Op Mode.
Desert-Dwellers’ Rite of PassageDefeat the Setekh Wenut in Co-Op Mode.
Presumption of GuiltDefeat the Iniquitous Baptist in Co-Op Mode.
Proof of the Reed Sea ConquerorDefeat the Guardian of Apep’s Oasis in Co-Op Mode.
The Power of Science is StaggeringComplete one form of the “Icewind Suite” challenge in Co-Op Mode.
A Successful HuntDefeat the Emperor of Fire and Iron in Co-Op Mode.

Don’t think you’ll swiftly get them all in your first days in Fontaine. Remember how long it took to complete all Aranara quests? Fontaine is almost like that but with much more water. So get your swimsuit ready and go for the grinding!

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