How to Unlock the Emperor of Fire and Iron Boss in Genshin Impact

It's the giant enemy crab!

Genshin Impact Emperor of Fire and Iron Featured

Uncovering new challenges in the most recent areas is always one of the best parts of each of Genshin Impact’s biggest updates. And one of the best ones we got in the first Fontaine update is the Emperor of Fire and Iron World Boss, which will have you going slightly out of your way to find. Here’s all you need to do to get to it.

Where to Find the Emperor of Fire and Iron World Boss in Fontaine

The Emperor of Fire and Iron is located next to Fontaine’s entrance, close to the Aquabus’ waterway. But you might not see it at first because it’s actually in a hidden cave underwater. You can reach its entry from various points, but jumping directly from the waterway might be the fastest if you just reach the city.

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When looking at the underwater map, you’ll notice a straight path leading to the boss. It starts close to the Pale Forgotten Glory domain entrance, so you can start from there if you want. There are various Waypoints, treasures, and Hydroculus to grab on the way, so it might be worth it. Regardless of where you dive, you’ll want to reach an underwater hole right under a Time Challenge. 

Screenshot by Prima Games

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Dive through the hole until you find the other exit, which leads directly to the boss’ domain. There’s a Waypoint here, so don’t worry about having to do that same path the next time.

How to Beat the Emperor of Fire and Iron

Hydro is always your first choice when dealing with Pyro, but other reactions (Cryo and Electro) can do the trick too. Hydro is still preferred, so bring characters like Xingqiu or Ayato to deal with the boss’ shield. You cannot damage it while it’s protected, so wait until his upper shells start burning with flames and put them out with Pyro reactions. 

Whenever this oversized crab makes a new attack, new flames will appear. Save your attacks for when they’re up, or you won’t damage its shield. When it’s finally broken, the Emperor of Fire and Iron will be stunned for a few seconds. This is your opening to finish it off with your team’s Bursts!

Defeating the boss rewards you with the Emperor’s Resolution Level-up Materials, required for leveling certain Fontaine characters such as Lyney. Thankfully, you won’t need to swim back every time, but it will still be a lengthy grind until you have enough items to ascend him fully. And after you’re done with the boss, you might wanna stop by the Talent Book Domain, if you haven’t done that grind yet!

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