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Where to Unlock the Pale Forgotten Glory Domain in Genshin Impact

Underwater threats

With all of the new beautiful, shiny, and powerful characters introduced in Fontaine, it gets hard to choose a single one to level. But once you do, your next goal is to gather tons of resources for leveling them. This includes Talent Books, and Fontaine has its own domain for that, named Pale Forgotten Glory. 

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You’ll be visiting this small dungeon a lot for the next weeks if you’re rolling for any of the characters from the Land of Justice and also if you’re leveling your Hydro Traveler. So let’s look at how you can unlock this new dungeon. 

How to Reach the Pale Forgotten Glory Domain in Fontaine

Pale Forgotten Glory is located directly south of the Court of Fontaine. But reaching the Talent Book domain requires a little bit more effort. Different from most domains, this one is hidden underwater, so you need to dive at any of the ocean points in Fontaine and swim your way to the area while avoiding the undersea threats you might encounter on your way. 

Pale Forgotten Glory Genshin Impact Location
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If you just reached the Court of Fontaine, jumping from the Aquebus waterway is a good way to land nearby the Talent Domain quickly, but any location with underwater passages will do.

You can freely swim underwater without consuming stamina. Instead, you have an Aquatic Stamina bar that empties when “running” underwater (or just swimming faster). You can recover it quickly by grabbing Recovery Orbs scattered around the oceans. If you have Lynette in your party, Recovery Orbs will be shown as fish icons on the map.

How to Clear the Pale Forgotten Glory Domain

You’ll be pitted against a few Overgrown Breacher Primus in this domain. Hydro, Electro, and Pyro are your best choices here to bring down the Dendro shields, and the gimmick feature helps you deal with them quicker if you heal or get hurt. So getting a healer is always a great call here.

This domain is fairly easy to clear, so you can start grinding for those talent books very quickly as soon as you start diving into the seas. But don’t forget to unlock the other domains too as you’ll certainly need them later.

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