Where to Unlock the Echoes of the Deep Tides Domain in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact Echoes of the Deep Tides Domain Featured

We got a bunch of new weapons introduced in Fontaine. From gacha-exclusives to learnable recipes, these are all flooding the game with their amazing new passives and viabilities. But before you can reach their maximum potential, you’ll need to gather a few exclusive, resin-locked materials just as with all weapons.

And these can be found exclusively in the Echoes of the Deep Tides domain, one of the new farming dungeons introduced in the 4.0 update. Reaching it is not an arduous task, and you’ll be soon able to these materials easily.

How to Reach the Echoes of the Deep Tides Domain in Fontaine

The weapon domain is located north of the Court of Fontaine, the central city in the Hydro region. Despite having an Aquebus route right next to it, the waterway is broken and does not operate, so you have to walk your way to it. Don’t worry, though, as it won’t take you much time at all, and soon you can reach the domain.

Genshin Impact Echoes of the Deep Tides Domain Location
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There are no prerequisite puzzles or anything for this domain. All you have to do is reach it directly, and you’re good. There are a few extra teleports on the way, so take your time to unlock those too, since you’re already here.

How to Defeat the Echoes of the Deep Tides Domain

The domain favors Hydro-related reactions, despite not having Hydro-infused enemies by itself. So bring good appliers like Kokomi, Xingqiu, Tartaglia, or any other well-built Hydro character alongside any other support that helps them create reactions. Hydro reacts well with everything, so this is probably the easiest part.

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You’ll meet more of the Mek enemies from Fontaine in the domain, as well as some Fatui agents here and there, so it’s not hard to quickly dispose of them. Hydro healers are particularly great for dealing with the Fatui assassins, so bring one of yours if you’re struggling.

Farming this domain will be necessary for getting the most out of the Fontaine’s weapons, as they’re pretty damn good. They pair exceptionally well with the new characters introduced in the region, so consider getting a few of them!

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