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The big land of Fontaine has some breathtaking views and even more impressive creatures. Even the roses are prettier here. And multicolored too. Rainbow Roses are one of the new Ascension Materials introduced in the Fontaine update, and you might need a lot of them if you’re thinking about leveling characters like Lyney. But worry no more, as now you’ll learn where to find them. Here’s where to find Rainbow Roses in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Where to Get Rainbow Roses in Fontaine

Rainbow Roses are scattered in all three main Fontaine regions. Fortunately for us, Hoyoverse made gathering these materials way easier than before. If you happen to have Lyney, make sure to have him at your party as his passive reveals nearby Fontaine Materials with a white hand icon on the minimap.

Rainbow Rose Locations in Beryl and Belleau Regions

Image via Teyvat Interactive Map

The lower half of the map has a few Roses for gathering. Don’t worry, they’re all overground, even those next to the Statue of the Seven. Most of them are surrounded by enemies, so you can either grab’em and run for your life or fight a little bit more for some materials, which can be useful later.

Rainbow Rose Locations in Court of Fontaine

Genshin Rainbow Roses Court Location
Image via Teyvat Interactive Map

The upper half’s Roses are even easier to get. There are a few Rainbow Roses a little bit before entering the Count through the Aquabus, so these are an easy grab. You can then follow the north waterway exit (the one without functioning Aquabuses) and drop to your left to find various of these flowers gathered together. They’re all next to teleports too, which makes it even easier to come back later.

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For the final batch, return to the Court and head to 3F – Navia Line to get the Aquabus route heading for the Marcotte Station, which also has a lot of extra roses waiting for you. Keep walking a little bit further and you’ll see more of them decorating the garden of the Opera Epiclesse.

The route can get you up to 73 Rainbow Roses, which is still not enough to completely ascend a character. You’ll have to either visit someone else’s world or wait for them to respawn (three real-life days) if you want to finish leveling someone. But don’t worry as there’s still a lot to do in the region while you’re waiting, such as unlocking and finding bosses.

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