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Genshin Impact – The First Great Magic Ascension Materials, Best Characters and More

If the first magic was that great, just imagine how good the second will be

Fontaine is here, and with a new Genshin Impact region comes new weaponry. The first gacha-exclusive of them is The First Great Magic, the 5-star Bow, which acts as the signature weapon for Lyney, the very first 5-star banner from the region. But as usual, various other members of the cast are also perfect fits for this powerful bow, and we’ll be listing them right here!

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The First Great Magic Overview in Genshin Impact

Base ATK46 (at Lvl 1), 608 (at Lvl 90)
SubstatCritical Damage
Base C.Rate14,4% (at Lvl 1), 66,2% (at Lvl 90)
Passive DescriptionDMG dealt by Charged Attacks increased by 16 ~32%. For every party member with the same Elemental Type as the wielder (including the wielder themselves), gain 1 Gimmick stack. For every party member with a different Elemental Type from the wielder, gain 1 Theatrics stack. When the wielder has 1/2/3 or more Gimmick stacks, ATK will be increased by 16%/32%/48% ~ 32%/64%/96%. When the wielder has 1/2/3 or more Theatrics stacks, Movement SPD will be increased by 4%/7%/10% ~ 12%/15%/18%.

With a big emphasis on attack power and Charged Attacks specifically, this bow boasts huge Critical Damage stats, which is loved by any DPS character. It works wonders as a mere stat stick, but it gets even better if you can make good use of its passive.

Best Characters for The First Great Magic

1 – Lyney

As a Pyro Ganyu-like character, this is the perfect weapon for the magician boy. It’s almost like it was made for him! But seriously, Lyney loves the extra attack stats as well as some Movespeed bonuses, as he will likely have to keep moving to launch his charged attacks safely. Also, Critical Damage is just too good to pass up.

2 – Ganyu

A screenshot of Ganyu standing in Sumeru Desert in Genshin Impact.

Ganyu might be arguably even better with Lyney’s bow than himself. Mostly for the same reasons, but also because she has higher multipliers and her best compositions are already very well known. And since she’s an older character, you probably have a better build for her than for Lyney, so she can get the most out of the weapon.

3 – Tartaglia

Charged Attacks are one of Childe’s biggest sources of damage, and basically, everything else in the weapon also benefits him in one way or another. A very solid choice for him if you don’t have Polar Star.

4 – Tighnari

Another Charged Attack-focused character that can make a good wreckage with the right weapons. This is one of them, so let him have it! 

5 – Yoimiya

Yoimiya does have a special Charged Attack, but Normals are her thing. The other bonuses in this weapon are good for her, though, so she can hold it if there’s no other suitable user. 

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For other options, Fischl uses it as a very effective stat stick while making some of its passive. Yelan can also do well with this bow, but the Atk% bonuses are wasted since she scales with HP, so you might wanna stick to an Energy Recharge weapon.

All The First Great Magic Ascension Materials

Fontaine items might be trickier to get at first, but you’ll have plenty of them after your first exploring hours in this region. But if your sole goal is to get this bow as strong as possible, this is what you’ll need:

  • x5 Fragment of an Ancient Cord
  • x14 Chapter of an Ancient Cord
  • x14 Movement of an Ancient Cord
  • x6 Echo of an Ancient Cord
  • x15 Drop of Tainted Water
  • x23 Scoop of Tainted Water
  • x27 Newborn Tainted Hydor Phantasm
  • x23 Transoceanic Pearl
  • x27 Transoceanic Crystal
  • x41 Xenochromatic Crystal

And for the next trick, spend around 1,500,000 Mora and you’ll have a fully ascended all-powerful bow in your hands. And empty pockets too, I should say.

Where to Get the Ancient Cord Ascension Materials

The Fontaine Weapon domain is located in the northern part of the region, and you can bring pretty much any character to it. But using Hydro-related reactions is key for having a smoother, faster clear time.

Where to Get Tainted Water Items

The First Great Magic Hydro Phantasm location
Screenshot by Prima Games

A common enemy in Fontaine is the Tainted Hydro Phantasm, and you’ll have to kill a lot of them to strengthen this weapon. You’ll have to get a ton of Tainted Water items compared to the other materials, and there are only a few of them on the map, so be ready for a few hours of suffering. Use the Adventurer Handbook to find them easier.

Where to Get Transoceanic Pearls

Screenshot by Prima Games

On the other hand, getting Transoceanic items from the Fontemer Aberrants is a walk in the park. Or on the water, I should say. Any underwater enemy has these items as their loot, including jellyfish and sea lions. No need to stick to crabs. You can find those all around the underwater sections of Fontaine, so you’ll have no problem downing a few of them for their loot.

Aside from all that, you can also buy the items directly from the Paimon Bargains shop if you prefer. Just ensure you’ll still have enough currency for your monthly free rolls, as these are more important than freely-obtainable materials.

Screenshot by Prima Games

You’ll do just fine with this new powerful weapon in the game, despite having some hardships to ascend it to the max level. But once everything gets in place, you’ll be melting enemies like the new Emperor of Fire and Iron boss like magic.

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